Take Command of Your Home With a Lighting Control System
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Take Command of Your Home With a Lighting Control System

November 26, 2019

Lighting plays an essential role in creating a comfortable home environment. A lighting control system can simplify the process of adjusting light levels in each room and throughout the whole house. In addition to turning lights on and off and adjusting brightness, window treatment controls make it possible to manage natural light. Find out more about the possibilities of an automated lighting control system.

Set Ideal Light Levels

The basic functions of a lighting control system are to switch lights on and off at set times or brighten or dim lighting as desired. Whether you want to easily achieve the perfect level of background lighting for entertainment or illuminate dark areas for safety, an automated system can save preferences and still be adjusted as needed. Smart window shades or treatments can also automatically open, close, raise or lower depending on the presence of direct sunlight.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Lighting has a major impact on the energy efficiency of a residence. Lights that are left on can automatically turn off or be switched off manually by remote control to reduce energy waste. Lighting systems can also be integrated with smart thermometers or other automated home systems to achieve maximum efficiency.

Automatically Adjust Light Settings

Automating lighting will ensure that lights turn on and off based on your preferences. It is also possible to adjust which lights illuminate at certain times and dial in dimming settings to achieve any level of lighting. Automated window treatments can be ideal for allowing in desirable levels of natural light during the daytime and closing to promote privacy and security in the evening and at night.

A lighting control system can enhance your comfort level in certain rooms or throughout an entire household. This system can be integrated with other smart components to allow for the ultimate level of home automation for enhanced efficiency and security.


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