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Bring More Efficiency to the Workplace With Commercial Automation


As a Deerfield, IL business owner, you want your company to grow amid competition from all corners of the Chicagoland area.

So, why not give your employees every opportunity they can have to prosper?

You can transform your office into an atmosphere in which employees will thrive through a professional installation of a commercial automation system.

How, exactly, does automating your work environment translate into improved production from your employees? Keep reading to find out.

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Two common problems in small businesses are that their employees take on too much work and that they also work too many hours.

A commercial automation system can fix those issues.

How? Firstly, automation technology can take on some of the extra tasks that employees might handle – including security monitoring, intercom and access control, and lighting and shade management.

By eliminating office management from an employee’s workload, he or she has time to focus on more profitable tasks.

Also, consider an access control system to track when your employees enter the office and when they leave. You can learn whether staff members are departing your workplace early or late – and in turn find out how you can help them obtain a more favorable schedule.


Commercial automation can inspire a workplace environment that encourages success.

For example, during regular office hours, motorized window treatments can lower blinds to diminish glare on your devices. You can complement that with a lighting control system to produce a cooler color temperature – one that elicits concentration and productivity.

In addition to creating a setting conducive to hard work, commercial automation can increase workplace productivity through streamlining the technology employees use on a day-to-day basis.

We explain that concept further in the next section.


Imagine that with the single press of a button, each device within a conference room activates and you begin a presentation or video meeting without hassle.

Or, consider your office’s entire technology merged under the same easy-to-maneuver interface – making it simple for new employees to learn how your workplace operates.

Not only does your workplace become more efficient, your employees also have more time and energy to focus on improving their work.

This all is achievable with a professionally installed commercial automation system.

If you are interested in a commercial automation system for your Deerfield, IL workplace, we can provide a custom solution geared toward your company. To start, all you need to do is call (872) 204-3070 or click on the button below. We look forward to helping your business achieve its goals.

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Enjoy Better Sound at Home – In Deerfield, Highland Park, or Chicago – Wherever You Are

One of the best parts of a smart automation system is enjoying your media distributed throughout your property. When you integrate a whole home audio system, you can listen to your music just about anywhere around the house or apartment. But there’s more to it than that! In this blog, we’ll illustrate how you can reap big benefits from integrating an audio distribution system in your home. Read on to learn more.


What are the Benefits from an Audio Distribution System

#1 It’s Invisible

It’s a matter of taste: some homeowners love the idea of living in a tech wonderland with speakers and light up displays, but others want to enjoy it without seeing it. In fact, many homeowners interested in smart automation avoid audio distribution systems because they don’t want to clutter their space with components. However, with a custom whole home audio system, you can decide exactly which technology you want to see.

Invisible speakers are available that hide within the wall or ceiling without sacrificing sound quality. They usually fit the same recesses made for light fixtures, so you probably won’t even notice them once they’re installed. Plus, the integrator you work with should be an expert in sound calibration, so he knows exactly where to place the components to ensure consistent, even playback.

#2 Plenty of Options

If you’re the other type of homeowner, the one who loves the idea of a dedicated listening room with massive floor standing speakers and acoustically-treated walls, you’re in luck. Your whole home audio system offers plenty of options.

With the touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet, you can stream your favorite tunes to a space dedicated to making it sound as good as possible. Speakers and seating can be arranged to give you the perfect sound stage. Plus, with lossless audio files you can catch every detail of each track without missing a beat.

You can even connect multiple sources, so you can get the most out of your old vinyl collection. In a dedicated listening room, you have complete control.

#3 Neatly Stored

Speaking of multiple sources: how do you have a bunch of components in your home without having it clutter up your rooms? Your integrator can neatly store and rack the AV equipment in an unused closet or basement. They can run wires discreetly throughout the house to ensure reliable connections for every component.

Are you ready to enjoy a whole home audio system that rocks your socks off?

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