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3 Tips to Create the Ultimate Dining Experience

When opening a restaurant business, your goal should be to stand out from the competition. While food is an important component to the overall customer experience, the environment of the restaurant is also important. A carefully planned environment with just the right ambient touches will provide an experience that is memorable and worthy of telling friends and family.

1. Lighting

If the light is too bright, it can create glares and deep shadows, causing eye strain or headaches. If it’s too dark, you could create a risky situation in which accidents are likely to occur. The light should be bright enough so wait staff can deliver food and customers can read menus. The solution is an even distribution of soft light. Don’t rely on just one light source to brighten a table, but provide ambient lighting so soft light illuminates each table from several sources.

2. Audio

You want to provide audio that won’t detract from the design of your dining room. Your speakers should be evenly distributed so none of your diners are drowned out by sound because the loudest speaker is located next to them. A series of smaller speakers strategically distributed will make the music you play more pleasant and enjoyable. Choose music that compliments the environment for a more authentic experience.

3. Video

Incorporating several televisions into your design will give your guests a reason to hang out longer. Placing them behind the bar communicates to the guest they should feel at home while enjoying a sports broadcast. Tailor the content you broadcast to your desired audience and your restaurant will become a destination spot.

While planning your lighting, audio and video, consider them as a package, intended to work together to achieve the best customer experience possible. Teamed with excellent food, attractive decor and outstanding customer service, you’ll have a winning business model that can’t possibly fail.

When it comes to running your business, the signage you hang may not be on the front of your mind, but it can play a big part in drawing in potential customers to your business. If you have a location with high foot traffic and you are still using a simple, old-fashioned sign in your windows or on your property, you could be missing out on potential customers every single day. Here are the top reasons you should consider making the switch to a lighted sign for your business today.

Light Catches the Eye

The most basic reason to opt for a lighted sign over a traditional sign is that bright lights naturally draw people’s line of vision. When you have a lighted sign and storefronts around you do not, you are more likely to get noticed, particularly at night when your sign can really stand out from simple signs with basic floodlights illuminating them.

Dynamic Visuals

While traditional signs can be effective, they are limited by existing as static objects. With an LED lighted sign you can bring movement and video elements into play with your sign. This not only makes them more attractive but also increases your ability to convey more information in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Making Changes is Easy

Another major perk to opting for an LED sign is that you aren’t left with just the one sign. While traditional signs say what they say and need to be replaced if you want to change them, with an LED lighted sign changing the content is easy. This means if you have special deals or a new product, it’s easy to feature them on your sign.

With so many benefits to choosing an LED light sign for your business, every day spent without one is a day you could be missing out on future customers. Quit letting them walk by. Get in touch with a lighted sign professional today and discuss your options.

Every restaurant has its own unique space and distinct audio and video requirements. What works for one spot won’t suffice for another. What your restaurant needs is a system strategically customized for the ultimate dining entertainment experience. Whether you have a small, single room establishment or a large layout with multiple rooms, there is a commercial audio and video system to meet your needs.

All About the Customer Experience

The first thing customers notice when they walk through your doors is the atmosphere. When you have strategically placed, quality televisions and audio speakers, you can help make sure everyone will be able to enjoy the culture you’re trying to create. Is your clientele primarily sports fans who come to watch games? Do you cater to working professionals on their lunch break? Let your audio and video system set the ambiance you want for your type of clientele.

Endless Setup Possibilities

From big screens to smaller, corner setups, you decide which setup works best for your space. Maybe you only want the system set up behind the bar. Perhaps you want the entire restaurant wired with setups at various points. Even if you have a smaller space you’re looking to expand, a system can be designed with future needs in mind.

Options for Integration

Security systems and camera surveillance can easily be integrated into a custom audio and visual setup by professionals. This allows for a streamlined system and can eliminate unnecessary bulky equipment in your back rooms. It also makes security convenient and easy to monitor. If you have an automation system, the audio and video can be integrated so you can control your entire restaurant from one remote.

Help your customers escape to the world you create at your restaurant. Transform your space into somewhere people enjoy spending time and look forward to going. Install a custom audio and video system in your restaurant and see the impact it can have on your business.

Video security systems are the new normal for property owners these days. Just two decades ago, they were surprisingly rare; very few homes had one, and even the majority of businesses went without. But times (as they say) do change, and almost all new home construction includes a security system or provides a foundation for wiring and cameras, and businesses have learned that cameras virtually always pay for themselves. Here’s the top 3 reasons why they’re now standard equipment.

Deter Criminal Acts Before They Get Started

Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity; a thief will make a quick check to find the most vulnerable target in a small area. One study showed that 60% of would-be thieves will avoid a home with cameras. With the proper signage and some visible cameras, you can stop major problems before they occur.

Save Money 2 Different Ways

Many insurance policies will grant discounts to homeowners and renters who have professionally-installed video camera systems. There’s a burglary every 15 seconds, and it’s in their financial interests to reduce their payouts by incentivizing you.

Perhaps even more important, having a professional, high-quality video record can be crucial, visual record for disproving frivolous lawsuits thrown at property owners. A quick internet search shows countless videos of people who were caught cheating by claiming nonexistent injuries, and in today’s litigious world, residences have become targets as well.

See Who’s at the Door From Your Living Room – or From 12,000 Miles Away

Top video security systems provide instant access to all your cameras at the touch of your smartphone. You – and only you – can see who’s at the door or set alerts for zones around your home where activity isn’t expected. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, your physical presence is no longer relevant to your ability to closely monitor your home.

Ultimately, your family’s safety and peace of mind are the most important reasons for having a professionally-installed security system. Chicago area residents and businesses now have video cameras by default, to discourage crime, reduce hassles and for protection – even in apartments and rentals.


Creating the ideal atmosphere for you bar or restaurant is incredibly important. Decorations, lighting and music are a few things that can contribute to a space’s atmosphere.

1. Decorations

Your bar or restaurant’s decorations contribute a lot to the overall atmosphere of the space. For instance, if you want to create and upscale, elite vibe, simple and tasteful decorations can help you do that. Something like a sports bar, on the other hand, would require a more eclectic décor scheme.

2. Lighting

Lighting has a huge effect on the mood of a room. If you want your bar or restaurant to have an intimate vibe, you can achieve this with dim lighting and candles. If your business is a club, multi-colored lights will give the space a fun and exciting feel.

3. Music

Music can be used in a variety of different ways to create an atmosphere. If you own a restaurant that specializes in food from a particular region or country, music from that area can give the space a more authentic feel. Upbeat music can be used to get people dancing or moving around the room.

4. Entertainment

If you plan on having entertainment at your establishment, the type of entertainment you choose can really impact the atmosphere. Lively bars can benefit from karaoke or live bands. If people come to your business to watch sporting events, having enough TV’s around the room is important.

5. Seating

You also want to think about the seating in your business. For a romantic or intimate space, you could have booth or couch seating separated by walls or curtains to create a more personal atmosphere. If you’re working with a sports bar, on the other hand, communal table seating could be a good way to stimulate conversation and comradery during games.

A good atmosphere can have a huge impact on your bar or restaurant’s business. Combining the right elements is crucial to creating the perfect atmosphere.

Almost any business can benefit from high quality video surveillance. There are many ways a system can improve your overall business plan, from customer safety to worker productivity. If you need to upgrade your system, or are considering a protective video system for the first time, discover these reasons how a video system can protect your business and customers.

Increase the Overall Sense of Safety

Every business has valuables that need protecting. A high quality video system can deter most thefts and break-ins, as well as give you peace of mind after you lock up your business. Customers can also feel a sense of security knowing that your business location is secure.

Promote a Productive Atmosphere

Video surveillance can encourage your employees to work more efficiently. Particularly in factories and other settings where your employees frequently work on their own, it can be difficult to remain on task and work to the best of your abilities.

Record Detailed Evidence

Should a break-in happen, investing in a high quality video surveillance system can give the police the information they need to conduct a thorough investigation. Poor video quality could make it difficult or impossible to identify a suspect in any criminal activity. Be sure your system has the proper amount of cameras and high enough resolution to document every area with plenty of detail.

These are just a few of the many reasons to choose a high quality video surveillance system. This investment can provide you not only with increased safety and peace of mind, but also increase the quality and efficiency of your production. Contact a professional today to determine the best system for your business location. An expert video installer can discuss the best location for video cameras and select the best system. You’ll receive efficient and professional installation, so you can be confident that the premium video recording technology will work from day one.

In today’s world filled with upsetting headlines, we all want to keep our workplace a little safer.  While office security systems, surveillance, and personnel are commonplace, what is often overlooked is a custom paging system.  Paging systems serve many purposes beyond safety and security so they are an investment that will provide a great return on investment, whether you need them for an emergency or not (hopefully not!).

Day-to-day security is about far more than safety emergencies.  Safety can be maximized by controlling who goes where, and when.  It can also be used for things like drills and alarms.  Paging and intercom software is often interchangeable or combined so you are able to have two-way communication between a central hub and all of the locations you determine need access.  Paging systems are an important redundancy because, should WiFi or phone communication options fail, your paging system will still work and allow for mass communication.  Paging systems can utilize pre-recorded messages so you ensure continuity and consistency while minimizing personnel needs.

Paging systems are both customizable and scalable.  Whether you need to page one room in a school building, your office warehouse, or your enterprise enterprise all at the same time, you can customize controls to suit your safety, security, and information transmission needs.  Further, paging systems are easily scalable.  You can create paging system zones and easily add or subtract zones as needed.  These cost effective systems are able to grow with you without having to completely start over with new hardware and software.  Paging systems are an important component of any business, school, institution, or industrial setting where you want to maximize safety and security while also making communication transmission easy and efficient.


As a Deerfield, IL business owner, you want your company to grow amid competition from all corners of the Chicagoland area.

So, why not give your employees every opportunity they can have to prosper?

You can transform your office into an atmosphere in which employees will thrive through a professional installation of a commercial automation system.

How, exactly, does automating your work environment translate into improved production from your employees? Keep reading to find out.

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Two common problems in small businesses are that their employees take on too much work and that they also work too many hours.

A commercial automation system can fix those issues.

How? Firstly, automation technology can take on some of the extra tasks that employees might handle – including security monitoring, intercom and access control, and lighting and shade management.

By eliminating office management from an employee’s workload, he or she has time to focus on more profitable tasks.

Also, consider an access control system to track when your employees enter the office and when they leave. You can learn whether staff members are departing your workplace early or late – and in turn find out how you can help them obtain a more favorable schedule.


Commercial automation can inspire a workplace environment that encourages success.

For example, during regular office hours, motorized window treatments can lower blinds to diminish glare on your devices. You can complement that with a lighting control system to produce a cooler color temperature – one that elicits concentration and productivity.

In addition to creating a setting conducive to hard work, commercial automation can increase workplace productivity through streamlining the technology employees use on a day-to-day basis.

We explain that concept further in the next section.


Imagine that with the single press of a button, each device within a conference room activates and you begin a presentation or video meeting without hassle.

Or, consider your office’s entire technology merged under the same easy-to-maneuver interface – making it simple for new employees to learn how your workplace operates.

Not only does your workplace become more efficient, your employees also have more time and energy to focus on improving their work.

This all is achievable with a professionally installed commercial automation system.

If you are interested in a commercial automation system for your Deerfield, IL workplace, we can provide a custom solution geared toward your company. To start, all you need to do is call (872) 204-3070 or click on the button below. We look forward to helping your business achieve its goals.

Begin your commercial automation project here

Smart AV in Your Chicago, IL Pub Enhances the Customer Experience

Integrating commercial automation and AV solutions into your business is a bright idea. But when you’re running a sports bar in the Chicago, IL area, it’s almost essential. Technology can do more than just look cool. It can also keep your customers engaged for big returns on investment. In this blog, we’ll show you some smart solutions that will work perfectly in your sports bar. Read on to learn more.


Digital Signage

One piece of technology many sports bars can benefit from is digital signage. Whether you have rotating taps featuring local beers or you want to feature various deals on well drinks, digital signage is a great way to inform your customers of what’s going on. Plus, you can even update them in real-time, to feature new specials as the day goes on, or to let people know you’re out of a specific drink.

The particular advantage of digital signs is that you don’t have to take a lot of time to change them out. If you have the ability to create graphics, you can enjoy a lot of dynamic content on your walls without dealing with a printer or having to hang it yourself. So whether you want to enjoy the convenience of a changeable menu or you want to highlight the new deals you have, a digital sign is a versatile piece of equipment that will get your message across.

AV Distribution

There are two aspects of AV distribution that you’ll need to consider. The first is how good your signal looks and sounds. If you’re planning to stream that night’s game or you want to play some music to help with the atmosphere, your system needs to handle it all with ease. And it’s not just about installing 4K video monitors and a few Sonos speakers.

High-quality video starts with the source. If it’s a cable box or computer, you can ensure you’re getting the best signal and that your network has enough bandwidth to support it. You won’t be streaming a 4K signal through standard HDMI cables, no matter what your monitor does. Similarly, if you’re looking to stream lossless audio files, you want to make sure your wired or wireless network can handle the strain.

Secondly, you also want to ensure your system is easy to use. After all, you didn’t hire your bartenders and servers to be experts with a remote control. So make sure you’re using a simple interface, whether it’s a hard-button remote or a touch panel device that’s only programmed with the features you want to control. That will minimize the time spent on selecting AV content.

Are you ready to enhance your sports bar with useful technology that will keep customers coming back for more? Contact Davis Audio for more information today!

Streamline for Success

Getting the most out of your business should be easy. You should have one-touch controls over all your technology. Whether that’s lighting, shading, or audio video, your systems should work seamlessly to save you time and money. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can benefit from integrating the systems in your business with a single commercial automation solution. Read on to learn more!


Integrating Lighting

Lights are important to any business because you can’t get any work done without them. But just because they’re essential doesn’t mean they don’t drive up energy costs. That’s why you should invest in smart lighting – it helps you manage your energy expenses while also giving you more control.

Smart lighting offers real-time statistics on usage, which means you can make immediate decisions on how it’s being used. Did someone leave the lights on in the conference room after they left? One touch on your tablet will take care of that. Is the entire floor lit up even though no one is in the building? Receive a push notification and turn them off remotely.

Additionally, you can integrate sensors that help your system work automatically. Occupancy sensors will activate lights when an employee enters a room, and turn them off when they leave. Daylight sensors will help you maximize efficiency by using natural sunlight when available. The result is a lower-cost solution to your lighting needs.

Smart Shading

Among the most important, though frequently overlooked, aspects of commercial automation, motorized shades can help you save money on lighting and climate control. By integrating the aforementioned daylight sensors, your shades can work with your smart lighting to optimize efficiency.

Moreover, they can help keep your spaces from becoming too warm or too cold, therefore putting your HVAC system on overdrive. Large windows are where you lose most of your climate control efficiency. Add sunshades that allow light to pass through but minimize temperature change, and integrate them with your lighting system for an enhanced climate control system.

One-Touch Audio Video

Many businesses use audio video equipment. From the sports bar to the boardroom, AV is essential to just about any working environment. That’s why you want a system that allows you to control everything with as little effort as possible.

A smart AV system should integrate with each of your other smart components for easy access. When you want to start a presentation, a single touch should turn on the speakers, dim the lights, lower the shades and activate the video monitor. You’ll have more time to focus on company goals when you don’t have to worry about setting everything up beforehand.

Are you ready to enjoy smart commercial automation solutions in your Chicago business? Contact Davis Audio Video today for more information!

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