Everything You Need to Know About Programmable Scenes

Home automation can absolutely transform your home life by making all of your technology and home features easier to use, more energy-efficient, and more convenient. The best way to take full advantage of home automation is programmable scenes. Virtually any technology in your home can be integrated into your home automation system but you won’t be leveraging the full capabilities of automation without programmable scenes. Essentially, programmable scenes are a series or sequence of commands that are grouped together so that at the touch of a single button or at a pre-determined day/time, all commands are executed.

Programmable scenes offer endless possibilities for programming depending on what technologies you have, your lifestyle, your entertaining style, and your general preferences. For example, you could program a “morning scene” so that, at 6am on weekdays, the lights automatically begin to slowly turn on, the window shades open, soft music begins playing, and your coffee starts brewing. Or, perhaps you want to make your nighttime routine a little more convenient so at the touch of a button, the window shades close, the lights dim, your smart door locks activate, the security system arms itself, exterior lights turn on, and the temperature lowers for a cozy evening wind down. Essentially, if you have technology, it can probably be integrated into your home automation scenes.

Programmable scenes can be added or changed at any time and can be controlled by a smartphone, smart device or tablet, remote control, and more. Because home automation programmable scenes can be controlled from your devices, they can be activated, deactivated, or adjusted whether you are home or away. Save time and energy and say goodbye to running around manually adjusted each home feature or searching for various remotes to control everything and make your life more convenient and efficient with programmable scenes.

Today, there is a multitude of technologies and systems to automate your home. Each has its own unique features, costs, integrations, and more but when it comes to the home automation industry, Control4 is seen as the best of the best. And, for good reason, their systems are robust, easy to use, easily scalable, have a multitude of integrations, and are optimal for just about any home of any size. Most homes today have at least a few smart technologies being used, whether homeowners realize it or not. With Control4, homeowners can easily automate their entire home including audio/video, lighting, window shades, security, surveillance, smart door locks, HVAC, and much more!

One of the beauties of having a Control4 home automation system professionally installed is that it is highly scalable. So, whether you want to go all out and automate everything now or you want to simply start with a few technologies, you can, and you can easily scale up or down as needed in the future. The controls are extremely simple, there is an app that can be installed on smartphones, smart devices, tablets, laptops, etc. or you can access controls from a remote or wall-panel as desired. This means whether you are cozy in your bed and don’t want to get up to turn off the lights and arm the security system or you are across the globe and want to unlock the front door to let the dog sitter in, you can do just that at the touch of a single button!

Programmable scenes are easily set or changed as needed and allow you to create a sequence of events with your technology. For example, if you would like to set a “bedtime” scene, you could program your Control4 system so that you push a single button and the lights dim or turn off, the window shades close, your security and surveillance systems are activated, all doors are locked, and your climate control adjusts to your ideal temperature for sleeping. Can you imagine anything more convenient? The possibilities for potential programmable scenes are endless and highly customizable to your lifestyle. Transform your home life, give yourself peace of mind, and make operating all of your home technology easy and convenient with a professionally installed Control4 home automation system.

If you are like most people, you would like to incorporate more smart technology into your home but you may not know where to start. Luckily for you, there is so much sophisticated technology to choose from today that it is easier to make your home a smart home than ever before. Home automation can be as simple as adding a few different smart technologies in your home or you can comprehensively automate your home with a complete home automation system including audio/video, security, surveillance, climate control, window shades, lighting, and much more!

When it comes to home automation, everyone’s needs are different depending on their lifestyle, budget, and specific interests but there are a few easy ways to begin seeing the transformation that home automation can make. First, you can automate your climate control with a smart thermostat that is easily programmed or adjusted on the fly from an app and will also learn your habits to make smart decisions that will improve your energy efficiency. The next way is to integrate your audio/video system in your home automation so that you can easily control your whole home’s audio in one app so you never have to search for remotes again. Security and surveillance is another popular place to start with home automation because it will give you tremendous peace of mind that you have done everything possible to protect your home. Easily arm and disarm your security system right from your phone or check surveillance cameras whenever you need – wherever you are in the world. All of these technologies (and more technologies) can be integrated into a home automation system such as Control4 that makes controlling all of your technology easy and efficient because it can all be done in one app. Speak to an experienced home automation installer to learn how you can transform your home into a smart home.

How to set up a smart home system?

Many homeowners are looking to automate their home with smart devices and controllers. This system makes for better convenience and ease of daily routines. Moreover, the advent of next-generation technologies has made setting up smart home systems a straightforward task. However, there are some steps that people should follow when looking to transform their home into a smart home.

Choose controllers

The most obvious step is choosing controllers to access different smart devices. The market is filled many low-level devices with standard controls. It is essential to steer clear of these options and invest in high-quality controllers. These options are available with sophisticated hardware and electronics, along with a touchscreen type interface.

Add security

Next, people should focus on enhancing the security of home systems by adding motion sensors, smoke detectors, and window access controls. These devices can be integrated with a smartphone app. As a result, homeowners will receive a text message whenever the system is compromised. It can also be programmed to send alerts to authorities in such situations.


CCTV cameras are the cornerstone invention of security. It provides another excellent way to enhance home security. There are wireless cameras that can be connected to existing home network. People can buy both indoor and outdoor cameras for their property and integrated them with smart home systems.


One important reason to invest in smart home lighting is energy savings. People can save thousands on monthly electricity bills by connected smart LEDs to their home system. These lights are available with timer settings: they can switch on/off based on the scheduled time. Moreover, they can even detect movement when connected with motion sensors.

Heating control

Maintaining ideal temperature inside a living space can prove to be hectic without the use of smart home technologies. For instance, heat control devices are effective in maintaining a stable temperature regardless of outside weather. Moreover, they come with programmable thermostats.

Energy management

Apropos of programmable thermostats, energy savings are enriched further with smart home systems. People can setup their controllers with programmable thermostats and avoid any unwanted consumption of energy. It works with lighting and heating devices. They can control the functions with smartphones and tablets as well.

Whole home audio

Smart home systems also enable whole audio with multi-room speakers. All these speakers are connected to a receiver that controls music streaming and playback features. People can buy the best speakers for their setup and install them at various parts of a house.

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