Utilize Acoustic Panels in Commercial Applications

When soundproofing and ambiance are considered for commercial spaces, people usually think about barriers such as cubicles, walls, white noise, or audio distribution so that music can be played or announcements made more easily.  But, an often overlooked tool in commercial soundproofing is acoustic panels. You have probably seen acoustic panels in use in movie theaters but did you know they can be extremely beneficial in a myriad of commercial applications?

Acoustic panels absorb sound and prevent it from reverberating off of walls.  This is so important for reducing noise pollution in the workplace which can be distracting and reduce productivity.  Additionally, it helps business owners have better control over the ambiance of their workplace, retail space, or other commercial application. Soundproofing with acoustic paneling in your commercial space also helps enhance privacy so that conversations and sensitive information are not inadvertently overheard.

In addition to providing a number of benefits to your commercial space, commercial acoustic panels also come in many different shapes and colors which can enhance the aesthetic appeal to your space.  There is no need to sacrifice beauty to utilize the benefits of acoustic panels. You can create unique and visually interesting patterns or choose panels that blend seamlessly with your decor and disappear into the background.

How to use acoustic panels in commercial applications?

Most businesses underestimate the significance of room acoustics when designing their space. As a result, their workers are frustrated with unwanted noises from external sources. It affects their concentration and productivity. One surefire of avoiding these problems is using acoustic panels to soundproof the room. Acoustic treatment, in general, involves using acoustical engineering techniques to control reverbs in a room. There are some simple concepts for businesses to start with.

Sound travel

Studies reveal that sound always travel in outward directions starting from the source. A small portion known as direct sound will travel in a straight line and the remaining reflected sound will bounce between different surfaces. Depending on the size of a room, these reflective elements vary in its tone.

Poor acoustics

Most commercial spaces are designed to optimize functionality. The aesthetic choices do not prove ideal for sound travel. As a result, they are prone to producing echoes and unwanted reverbs. Redesigning a space completely will prove effective to achieve great acoustics inside a premise.

Natural reverb

Acoustic foam panels are an excellent addition to reduce natural reverb of a room. They also look attractive in design and merges with existing aesthetic elements. The purpose of these panels is to absorb sound and reduce reflections. Therefore, only direct sound passes through the room.


In most cases, adding acoustic panels will remove all the reflections from the room. Hence, it may sound dead. One solution to this problem is adding diffusors that enhance the travel of reflections by scattering them evenly. Businesses should focus on creating the right balance of absorption and diffusion to greatly improve acoustics. It is a fundamental step for any commercial setup.

Bare room

Most businesses fail to evaluate their problem when buying acoustic panels and other materials. This lack of diagnosing only leads to more problems and affect the existing acoustics in a room. Thus, check the reverberations in a room and decide the best acoustic treatments. One need to know the difference between good and bad acoustic levels. A simple clap test will prove necessary to understand the sound levels of different rooms. Moreover, before installing any acoustic panels, observe the sound differences to identify the prominent vibrations in the space.

What are the key elements?

The first element is commercial acoustic treatment is bass traps. These are affordable tools that can absorb base frequencies. In small commercial spaces, bass frequencies can prove to be a problematic factor. Reducing them is a must for achieving the best sound results. Make sure to buy only the recommended amount.

The most important element in this process is acoustic panels. It is a supplemental tool that can be a great addition for bass traps. The thin foam surface ensures maximum coverage for surfaces and eliminate any standing waves from the space. One should install them in primary corners of the room.

Lastly, diffusers are effective in providing an ideal level of reflection to the room. The good news is that there is no need to spend lavishly on new diffusers, as there are some reasonably-priced ones available on the market.


As a Deerfield, IL business owner, you want your company to grow amid competition from all corners of the Chicagoland area.

So, why not give your employees every opportunity they can have to prosper?

You can transform your office into an atmosphere in which employees will thrive through a professional installation of a commercial automation system.

How, exactly, does automating your work environment translate into improved production from your employees? Keep reading to find out.

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Two common problems in small businesses are that their employees take on too much work and that they also work too many hours.

A commercial automation system can fix those issues.

How? Firstly, automation technology can take on some of the extra tasks that employees might handle – including security monitoring, intercom and access control, and lighting and shade management.

By eliminating office management from an employee’s workload, he or she has time to focus on more profitable tasks.

Also, consider an access control system to track when your employees enter the office and when they leave. You can learn whether staff members are departing your workplace early or late – and in turn find out how you can help them obtain a more favorable schedule.


Commercial automation can inspire a workplace environment that encourages success.

For example, during regular office hours, motorized window treatments can lower blinds to diminish glare on your devices. You can complement that with a lighting control system to produce a cooler color temperature – one that elicits concentration and productivity.

In addition to creating a setting conducive to hard work, commercial automation can increase workplace productivity through streamlining the technology employees use on a day-to-day basis.

We explain that concept further in the next section.


Imagine that with the single press of a button, each device within a conference room activates and you begin a presentation or video meeting without hassle.

Or, consider your office’s entire technology merged under the same easy-to-maneuver interface – making it simple for new employees to learn how your workplace operates.

Not only does your workplace become more efficient, your employees also have more time and energy to focus on improving their work.

This all is achievable with a professionally installed commercial automation system.

If you are interested in a commercial automation system for your Deerfield, IL workplace, we can provide a custom solution geared toward your company. To start, all you need to do is call (872) 204-3070 or click on the button below. We look forward to helping your business achieve its goals.

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Streamline for Success

Getting the most out of your business should be easy. You should have one-touch controls over all your technology. Whether that’s lighting, shading, or audio video, your systems should work seamlessly to save you time and money. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can benefit from integrating the systems in your business with a single commercial automation solution. Read on to learn more!


Integrating Lighting

Lights are important to any business because you can’t get any work done without them. But just because they’re essential doesn’t mean they don’t drive up energy costs. That’s why you should invest in smart lighting – it helps you manage your energy expenses while also giving you more control.

Smart lighting offers real-time statistics on usage, which means you can make immediate decisions on how it’s being used. Did someone leave the lights on in the conference room after they left? One touch on your tablet will take care of that. Is the entire floor lit up even though no one is in the building? Receive a push notification and turn them off remotely.

Additionally, you can integrate sensors that help your system work automatically. Occupancy sensors will activate lights when an employee enters a room, and turn them off when they leave. Daylight sensors will help you maximize efficiency by using natural sunlight when available. The result is a lower-cost solution to your lighting needs.

Smart Shading

Among the most important, though frequently overlooked, aspects of commercial automation, motorized shades can help you save money on lighting and climate control. By integrating the aforementioned daylight sensors, your shades can work with your smart lighting to optimize efficiency.

Moreover, they can help keep your spaces from becoming too warm or too cold, therefore putting your HVAC system on overdrive. Large windows are where you lose most of your climate control efficiency. Add sunshades that allow light to pass through but minimize temperature change, and integrate them with your lighting system for an enhanced climate control system.

One-Touch Audio Video

Many businesses use audio video equipment. From the sports bar to the boardroom, AV is essential to just about any working environment. That’s why you want a system that allows you to control everything with as little effort as possible.

A smart AV system should integrate with each of your other smart components for easy access. When you want to start a presentation, a single touch should turn on the speakers, dim the lights, lower the shades and activate the video monitor. You’ll have more time to focus on company goals when you don’t have to worry about setting everything up beforehand.

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