Science Is Inventing Amazing New Features for Outdoor Audio/Video Technology
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Science Is Inventing Amazing New Features for Outdoor Audio/Video Technology

March 13, 2019

Professional home theater equipment has seen massive reductions in price during the last few years and has seen a concurrent rise in popularity. The newest innovations in audio & video are going to the outside, as more businesses and homes are embracing outdoor spaces as natural ways to keep people happy and relaxed. But outdoor electronic equipment must be far more rugged than indoor, and often must be substantially more powerful as well. Here’s a few creative ways outdoor audio and video equipment has been improved for a better experience.

New Materials Help Protect Against Damage

Rain, high heat and humidity all play havoc with electronics. Cutting-edge thermoplastics are allowing outdoor speaker cabinets to become far more damage-resistant, while getting much thinner. Outdoor audio and video use a standardized Ingress Protection designation to indicate the degree an item is protected from either solid object or liquid damage. An indoor speaker or especially an LCD monitor can be destroyed with a single hit from something as light as a tennis ball. Professional installers will quickly determine how much protection you need for specific areas. And better LCDs are using advances in technology to dramatically increase their brightness, an essential quality for full outdoor viewing.

Wireless Speakers and Faux Enclosures Create Nearly Invisible Surround Sound

New advances in wireless technology has combined with thinner and lighter enclosures to allow for almost limitless speaker placements. Underground subwoofers, speakers hidden as rocks, plants, decorations or in-ground speakers that barely show above ground all help generate a truly immersive experience.

Professional Installation Optimizes a Concealed Yet Earth-Shaking Experience

Indoor audio is designed to use walls and other boundaries for ideal audio performance. Outdoor audio may not have any reflecting surfaces, so it requires careful planning to ensure full volume and high-definition audio performance. Trained technicians have the knowledge to calculate the power needed and proper placement for full surround sound. Their hands-on experience means they have much more effective problem-solving, from little things like considering a sun low on the horizon, to major issues like possible electrical wiring complications.


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