Restaurant Lighting Control

We have all been in a restaurant that is too bright, too dim, or just can’t seem to control its lighting well.  While lighting extremes are occasionally intentional in restaurants, we know that a lot of the time – it is not intentional but rather only happening because of a lack of effective and efficient control.  For an enhanced customer experience, restaurants need energy-efficient lighting control options that are easy to use, adjustable, and able to be programmed for more effective operations.

Everyone would like to save money on energy costs and lighting control is a major way restaurants can achieve just that.  And, when you have your restaurant lighting controls professionally-installed, you know it will look great, operate the way that you need it to reliably, and meet local restaurant lighting codes and compliance rules.  The right ambiance can either encourage a patron to stay or drive them away and the industry is so competitive that every aspect of appealing ambiance should be maximized so that you stand out from the competition and keep customers coming back. And, if you have an existing AV distribution and automation system, or are adding one at the same time as lighting controls, the two can be integrated for even easier operations.

Once installed, your restaurant lighting control system can be programmed for specific “scenes” depending on your restaurant’s needs.  Scenes can be set for various times during the day, different areas of the restaurant including dining, bar, kitchen, and restrooms, etc., or for any other special features you might want.