Put Speakers Anywhere with Flush-Mounted In-Wall Speakers
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Put Speakers Anywhere with Flush-Mounted In-Wall Speakers

July 14, 2018

When it comes to speakers, true audiophiles have a lot of very strong opinions.  After all, the speaker is one of the most important aspects of sound quality experience with your audio system.  Whether you are listening to music, watching the big game, or settling in for a movie, you want the quality of sound to be excellent.  But, while big bulky speakers, or even small freestanding speakers may produce high quality sound, they can sometimes be unsightly depending on the aesthetic of the room.  Speakers can occasionally be hidden in furniture or behind decor but when you want high quality sound and you need the speakers to be in a specific location that cannot be hidden, the best option is flush-mounted in-wall speakers.

Flush-Mounted In-Wall Speakers Sound Great

The first concern of any audiophile, and often even the average homeowner, is whether or not a flush-mounted in-wall speaker will sound as good as a freestanding speaker.  While there many factors that will influence this including brand, quality of speaker, and personal preference, the answer is – yes, an in-wall speaker can sound just as good as a freestanding speaker.  Lifewife discusses the sound quality produced by in-wall speakers, “We’ve always wondered how many of the audiophiles who deride in-walls have actually heard a good pair. We have tested several dozen of them, and many were excellent. If you install them right (we’ll get to that) and choose a good speaker, the only thing you’ll sacrifice in a stereo setup is that the sound might not be quite as spacious.”

Flush-Mounted In-Wall Speakers Look Great (or virtually disappear!)

Flush-mounted in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can be painted to match the color of the wall or even decoratively painted to match or camouflage into a wall texture or pattern. CEDIA elaborates on the sound quality produced by flush-mounted in-wall speakers that look as good as they sound (or better), “When high-fidelity speakers designed for in-wall mounting were introduced in the early 1980s, they played a pivotal role in the emerging custom installation industry…For the first time, it was possible to enjoy full-bodied sound from décor-friendly “architectural” speakers that effectively disappeared in the walls behind unobtrusive grilles.…Because they sit flush in your walls and ceilings, you don’t have to find a place for them, making them perfect for small or crowded rooms and for people who, frankly, don’t want to see speakers — or the attendant cabling, for that matter. Many feature grilles that can be painted, and some even can be hidden behind nearly any wall finish you desire.”


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