Life at Home Is a Breeze With Control4’s Cutting-Edge Home Automation
Smart Home Automation

Life at Home Is a Breeze With Control4’s Cutting-Edge Home Automation

September 19, 2019

Home automation is the single most sought-after innovation in modern homes today. Not only is it the most effective home security accessory, it integrates virtually all devices in your home that you have any control over at your fingertips, including

  • Smart video doorbells.
  • Cameras and motion sensors.
  • Full kitchen control
  • Custom lighting options.
  • Entertainment and home theater systems.

But this list doesn’t begin to cover it! At last count, it supports over 13,000 products and appliances to make your life easy.

A Super-Easy Control System Using Remote, Smart Device or Voice Activation

Control4 has a unique hand-held remote that can be used to operate many different devices, but it just begins there. Control can be done by wall-mounted and portable touchscreens, smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and apps you can download for iPhone, Android and various tablets. You control your home from anywhere within – and without; you can monitor your security system and entire home from any internet-connected location in the world.

Custom Control Saves Time and Money

Once the system has been professionally installed, automation becomes second nature to your life. The careful management of your environment through the thermostat along with timed opening and closing of appropriate window shades will save on heating and cooling costs an average of 23%. The security systems are so good that many insurance companies will cut your rates once a Control4 system is installed. And with so many shoppers purchasing online, designated security zones can send you an alert wherever you are for when a package is delivered – or if a porch pirate tries to take it.

If you haven’t tried home automation yet, now is the time, since prices have been slashed in the last 10 years. With Control4, you can try setting up as little as one room to see if you like it and add on from there – or start big and see your life transform overnight. 1/3rd of homes in the U.S. now use automation, and that number is expected to be well over half by 2023. 


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