Importance of Residential Structured Wiring
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Importance of Residential Structured Wiring

April 30, 2021

So many of our modern technologies are wireless. And, while we increasingly move towards being more wireless, our homes are not typically prepared to support that kind of demand. Though being wireless has many advantages, it is also less reliable than a wired system. Most homes today could benefit from a structure wiring system to take some of the burdens of our wireless networks. When it comes to having structured wiring installed, you want to hire someone that is experienced and knows what they are doing.

The need for structured wiring in homes today is already high and it will only increase in the future, as Primex explains, “The biggest piece of the future-proofing puzzle lies in structured wiring—bundles of cable that connect different rooms and areas within a home. A common structured wiring plan consists of coaxial cables, several fiber optic cables, and lots of Ethernet cables (Cat5e, Cat6, etc). Structured wiring can be run to every room in a home, and terminated with a variety of specialized wall plates and ports for easy plug and play connection to the home network. This will allow homeowners in the future to connect more of their devices directly to high-bandwidth cabling, such as fiber. It will also alleviate the pressure on hardworking Wi-Fi networks, which can become overwhelmed with signal noise.”

To support the heavy wireless demand and advances in technology, structured wiring is going to be a fundamental part of all homes in the future It is important to work with an experienced installer to ensure your structured wiring not only supports your current needs but scales easily, as needed, in the future.


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