How To Hide Your TV When You Aren’t Watching It
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How To Hide Your TV When You Aren’t Watching It

November 7, 2019

Whether your television is turned on hours each day or almost never, one thing is certain. When it’s not in use, the blank black screen and its cords often looks intrusive in an otherwise well-designed room. If you’d like to keep the aesthetic appeal of your living room when you aren’t perched in front of Netflix or Hulu, you’ll need to hide the TV. There are several ways you can achieve this.

Place It Against a Dark Wall

If you live in a rental, you might have a lease that bans you from making major changes to the unit. This doesn’t mean you can’t hide your TV, though. Because most televisions are black, placing yours against a black or dark gray wall helps to conceal it. If you can’t paint a wall, consider other options. Temporary decals can create the illusion of a painted wall and will peel off when you move.

Hide It in a Piece of Furniture

A large armoire provides a space for you to set up your TV. When you aren’t watching it, all you need to do is close the doors. Armoires often have shelving or drawers on them as well, which means you can use them to display photographs or art, store extra blankets or important documents, and much more. The multi-functional piece of furniture is practically a must-have if you live in a small space and want to maintain a minimalist vibe.

Build a Unique Space for It

A professional audio and visual company can help you create a custom design that puts your TV right into the wall when you’re not watching it. You can then hide it with a move piece of artwork or photograph. The process typically begins with a consultation that helps you determine what you’d like. From there, the design process begins. Once complete, the company can install your integrated system and help you learn how to use it. You’ll have a fully functioning audio and visual system without worry of unsightly TVs or cords when you aren’t using it.

If you decide to use a professional audio and visual company, research first. Consider the businesses’ reviews, their prices, and their portfolio before deciding which one to hire.


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