How a Custom Paging System Helps Keep An Office Safe
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How a Custom Paging System Helps Keep An Office Safe

October 15, 2018

In today’s world filled with upsetting headlines, we all want to keep our workplace a little safer.  While office security systems, surveillance, and personnel are commonplace, what is often overlooked is a custom paging system.  Paging systems serve many purposes beyond safety and security so they are an investment that will provide a great return on investment, whether you need them for an emergency or not (hopefully not!).

Day-to-day security is about far more than safety emergencies.  Safety can be maximized by controlling who goes where, and when.  It can also be used for things like drills and alarms.  Paging and intercom software is often interchangeable or combined so you are able to have two-way communication between a central hub and all of the locations you determine need access.  Paging systems are an important redundancy because, should WiFi or phone communication options fail, your paging system will still work and allow for mass communication.  Paging systems can utilize pre-recorded messages so you ensure continuity and consistency while minimizing personnel needs.

Paging systems are both customizable and scalable.  Whether you need to page one room in a school building, your office warehouse, or your enterprise enterprise all at the same time, you can customize controls to suit your safety, security, and information transmission needs.  Further, paging systems are easily scalable.  You can create paging system zones and easily add or subtract zones as needed.  These cost effective systems are able to grow with you without having to completely start over with new hardware and software.  Paging systems are an important component of any business, school, institution, or industrial setting where you want to maximize safety and security while also making communication transmission easy and efficient.


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