Hide Your Television with Motorized Fine Art
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Hide Your Television with Motorized Fine Art

February 9, 2021

When a homeowner or interior designer first hears the phrase “hidden media storage,” their first reaction may be to cringe.  We have all seen tacky and cheap looking hidden media storage.  The cookie-cutter boring style of hidden media storage has given it a bad reputation and left much to be desired from an aesthetic point of view. But, today’s modern hidden media storage options seamlessly integrate into any home’s interior design aesthetic and please even the most discerning eyes. While there is a multitude of hidden media consoles and cabinets, one additional way to hide media is with fine art.

When your television is not in use, it can be something of a big black eye-sore in an otherwise beautiful room.  This is a missed opportunity to incorporate visual interest in your room!  With motorized art prints, you can conceal your television when not in use with beautifully framed art. Your television can be incorporated into any frame and the artwork of your choice, whether sourced by your A/V company or provided by you, can be displayed when your television is not in use. When you are ready to watch, simply press a button so that the motor can remove the art for you to watch television and press the button again when done to move the artwork back into place.  Speak to an experienced and knowledgeable A/V installer to discuss how you can have a television in any room without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of the space.


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