Hidden Media Storage Offers Many Advantages
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Hidden Media Storage Offers Many Advantages

May 7, 2021

You’ve got a huge television on the wall, excellent audio/video equipment to make the picture and sound quality outstanding, but you are staring at a bunch of wires and some components just sitting on top of your furniture.  It is messy and clunky looking.  What you want is an excellent home audio/video experience, without the distractions and clutter.  Hidden media storage had come a long way and now there are gorgeous, high-end furniture pieces designed specifically to look great while concealing your audio/video components.

Just about any piece of audio/video equipment can be discreetly concealed in hidden media storage.  Media furniture that is specifically designed for this type of application comes with things like access to run wiring effectively and easily, unlike typical furniture.

Additionally, traditional furniture is not designed with acoustic quality in mind so if you do choose to hide speakers in a cabinet that is not designed or media storage, the quality of the acoustics will be significantly diminished or you will have to constantly leave cabinet doors open – neither of which are veery appealing options.  Hidden media storage has special ventilation for the heat generated by your equipment as well as discreet ways to still allow sound to flow the way you want so that you can still have an outstanding audio/video experience while in a beautifully designed and decorated room that is free of clutter.


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