Have a Greater Control of Your Home & Be More Energy Efficient with Lighting Control
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Have a Greater Control of Your Home & Be More Energy Efficient with Lighting Control

August 21, 2018

Incorporate Home Lighting Controls Into Your Home Automation

We may have all grown up flipping a light switch on the wall to illuminate a room but today there are far more ways to control home lighting!  Today, lighting controls can be programmed and incorporated into home automation to make it easier and more energy efficient to control home lighting.  It may not seem so, but there are many different ways to control lighting and uniquely customize home lighting to meet your lifestyle.  While it may be more exciting to customize home audio and video controls, it is important not to neglect lighting because it will impact your life daily.

What Types of Lighting Controls Are Possible?

When it comes to lighting controls, the possibilities are virtually endless.  If you frequently entertain you may have different lighting “scenes” depending on your entertaining style.  If you enjoy dim lighting in the evenings, you can set a “scene” for that.  If you want the lights to brighten at the same time every morning, you can set a “scene” for that.  If you prefer certain lighting controls while cooking, you can set a “scene” for that.  And, you can integrate your lighting controls with other things like home audio and video, window shades, security, etc.  Your unique preferences can be professionally programmed so that, at the touch of a single button, you can have the exact lighting you want for any mood or occasion in your home.

How Lighting Controls Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Because lighting controls can be automated based on certain times, security settings, or preferences, it can actually save energy and lower your monthly utility bills.  Lighting controls can be programmed so that if movement is not sensed for a certain period of time, the lights automatically turn off.  You can program your lighting around your work or home schedule so that it automatically turns on or off depending on the day of the week or time of day.  With each unique specification, you can save energy and reduce wasted money on utilities you are not using by automating home lighting.


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