Easily Control Home Audio and Video with Just One Remote
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Easily Control Home Audio and Video with Just One Remote

August 7, 2018

We’ve all been there – we want to watch a TV show, or we are trying to turn on a movie, or we are just trying to turn on some music – but we can’t find the remote.  If you have ever had to keep track of multiple remotes to control your various home audio and video (and most people have had or currently have multiple remotes), you know that the struggle is real.  Either remotes get lost or you keep grabbing the wrong one and it is just downright frustrating.  But, every homeowner can easily control their home audio and video, no matter how simple or complex their home audio video system is, with just one remote.

Programming One Remote

Without a doubt, when it comes to programming a universal remote to use for all of your home audio and video components, it is best left to the professionals.  In fact, trying to program a universal remote yourself may lead to extreme frustration and programming that does not actually make anything easier.  With good programming, you can control all of your home audio and video components and many processes can be simplified so that you can make things happen at the touch of one button.  For example, your universal remote can be programmed so that at the touch of a single button, your TV turns on and goes to the correct input, your DVD player turns on, the lights dim, and your movie starts playing.  Yes, just one button on one remote!

Advantages of One Remote

If the advantages are not already apparent, let us explain just how many advantages there are.  You can make your universal remote control as many things as you want, the possibilities are endless.  Even if you have a relatively basic home audio and video system, it will still provide ease-of-use and streamline processes. Control the audio and video in one room on a TV and DVD player, control the audio and video of a complex home theater, or control whole home audio and video – all on one remote!


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