Control4’s Custom Home Automation Has Revolutionized Home Life
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Control4’s Custom Home Automation Has Revolutionized Home Life

January 9, 2019

Remember the days when changing the channel on the TV meant getting off the couch to check each station one by one? No? You’re lucky; when remote controls became widely available, they seemed magical. With Control4 home automation now available to most homeowners for shockingly reasonable prices, control of your home theater, lawn sprinklers, security systems and lighting is all as simple as the TV remote made life in the prehistoric days of the 1980s – all from your smart device.

Home Automation Is the New Normal for Safety

While remote control has made life easier, Control4 has greater concerns: protecting your property and family safety. Now, before you open your door, you can see who’s at it – from your couch or from another country. Not only does this dramatically increase security, but you can also allow access to service technicians or anyone else, even when not at home.

And you can program your system to send alarms to your smartphone whenever unusual movement is detected in secure zones, and watch videos of anything nefarious. Ever wonder if you left your stove, home theater or the lights on? Control4 quickly answers all those questions. And you can adjust lighting on the fly right from your phone for your safety as well.

Control4 Helps Preserves Home Value and Saves Energy

With Control4’s custom automation, you can keep indoor temperature and humidity at ideal levels, helping prolong your home – and many modern electronics are also sensitive to environmental factors. With an internet connection, you can adjust your thermostat, raise or lower window shades, turn on lawn sprinklers and a host of other applications to carefully manage your property. Too many things to change? Just set up schedules with Control4’s user-friendly interface. Control4 takes convenience to the next level.

Control4 is to your home what your operating system is to your computer. Now a publicly-traded company, they lead the industry with (automated, of course) software upgrades, intuitive interface and partnering with manufacturers for the widest range of products and options. When you decide to step into the 21st century, contact an authorized Control4 dealer for carefully customized, professional installation.


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