Control4 Puts Home Automation at Your Fingertips
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Control4 Puts Home Automation at Your Fingertips

May 18, 2020

What once seemed like the dreams of science fiction writers and cartoons from the 1970s, home automation is becoming more common than anyone thought possible. Using the wrong tech or untrustworthy devices can transform the experience into a real headache! One of the most trusted brands on the market today, Control4 makes it easy to get everything working right from the get-go. Using a qualified installer, you’ll be turning the heat on in the bathroom before you even get out of bed.


Wanting all of your devices to interact cohesively is one thing, getting them all to talk to each other is a whole nother issue. Because there is such a broad spectrum of brands creating some of the best home automation tech around, there is no guarantee they will work together right out of the box. It takes a reliable tool to organize your home network to get things running smoothly.

Control4 is designed with ease-of-use in mind. While other manufacturers have partnerships with major wi-fi companies, Control4 stands out by utilizing in-house networking to make interconnectivity a snap. Comprehensive and rigorous driver support helps to make sure all of your gear works the way you want it to from anywhere!


Obviously the best systems can be set up and forgotten about. This isn’t really feasible when operating a home network of devices that continually update, and is even more of a problem when introducing more gadgets into the network. Control4 understands the need to keep up with its customers and takes support to whole new levels.

Using a cloud-management setup, Control4 can keep an eye on all of those updates and continually evolve to best handle new patches and features. Its software is versatile enough to handle most anything other companies can come up with, and the interface is evolving regularly without the need for customer action.

Control4 stands out as a pinnacle of home automation technology. Contact a qualified installer today to learn how it can revolutionize your life!


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