Benefits of Sound Masking
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Benefits of Sound Masking

May 17, 2021

We’ve all accidentally overheard someone’s conversation in a doctor’s office or while dining in a restaurant. While the juicy gossip may be fun to listen to, the people talking probably didn’t want that conversation to be so public. But, sound carries and whether we are trying to eavesdrop or not, sometimes it can be very hard to ignore. Businesses that want to cut down on this to improve their atmosphere or to protect private information should invest in sound masking.

Sound masking can be installed by an experienced audio/video installer in just about any application including healthcare, business office, retail, hospitality, and much more. It is incredibly subtle and you have more than likely experienced it without even realizing it. With sound masking, you reduce how far sounds can travel by playing ambient background sound that is uniquely tuned to the same frequency as human speech, thereby obscuring someone’s ability to understand speech,

With sound making, you can limit time-lasting and productivity crushing distractions in your office, or protect a patient’s private information in a delicate healthcare setting. And, it is not just for peace of mind, in hospitality and retail settings, it can help change the ambiance and experience your customers have. For these reasons, we highly recommend all businesses consider implementing professionally-installed sound masking.


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