Be Fully Immersed In Your Home Theater with Surround Sound
Highland Park IL

Be Fully Immersed In Your Home Theater with Surround Sound

May 18, 2018

There are many ways to implement a home theater into any home, large or small.  The scale of the home theater, and its features, may change slightly, but a home theater makes a great addition to any home.  But, no home theater will ever be as immersive or enjoyable as your local movie theater without surround sound. Surround sound is the only way to get that true, full movie theater experience.

Whether you have a media room or a fully dedicated home theater, you can incorporate surround sound.  Going to the movies is more than just watching and listening to a video that is projected onto a screen.  It is a full sensory experience that draws your attention in makes you forget about everything else going on outside of the room.  When movies are filmed and the audio is mixed for the movie, every tiny detail is attended to.  That means that, in a movie, when a bird flies by, or a plane flies by, or a ball bounces on a court, or an explosion happens, or someone calls a name from far off in the distance, the audio is designed to be experienced uniquely.  In a theater, if a plane flies by, the audio travels across the room so that you experience the film on a different, more realistic and immersive level.  That same kind of sound quality and complete immersion can be experienced in your home theater with professional design, installation, and the right equipment.

Surround sound is more than just placing speakers strategically around the room (though this is certainly an important component.  Surround sound channels will include side, rear, and overhead speakers, a subwoofer, and AV receiver.  Ultimately, the types and placement of speakers will depend on your room, aesthetics, and surround sound goals.  That is why professional design and installation by an experienced professional is so important.  Without experience and knowledge, surround sound installation may not live up to its true potential but with professional quality design and installation, you can have the immersive movie theater experience that you want, right in your own home.


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