5 Ways to Turn Your House Into a Smart Home
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5 Ways to Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

June 24, 2019

In the age of technology, anything can be improved upon, and your home is no exception. If you’re tired of doing it all by hand, why not turn your house into a smart home? Check out these five convenient ways to do just that.

1. Automate Your Whole Home

Automating your entire home makes living life more convenient, not to mention a lot cooler. One-touch controls and pre-set timers can control everything from your temperature to when you turn on your coffee pot or preheat your oven. Set up your movie or favorite TV show before you pull into the driveway and much more with whole-home automation.

2. Control Your Window Treatments

Automatic lighting control via smart window treatments ensures your home always has as much light or as much privacy as you want it to, whether you’re there or not. Create a romantic atmosphere, add extra lighting for plants, or just ensure your home is saving on energy bills by using the proper window coverings for the weather and time of day.

3. Add Smart Security

From your driveway to your backyard, adding smart security is smart and a functional way to add safety and automation to your home. Most smart security systems allow you to use apps to watch your cameras when you’re away from home, even positioning them from the app or receiving alerts when there is activity on the cameras.

4. Clean the Smart Way

You can even use smart products to clean your home. A smart trash can uses suction that allows you to sweep debris directly into the bottom of the can. You can also use a robotic vacuum that has an app and voice activation, so it cleans when you want it to.

5. Smart Plugs

Even smart plugs are a thing. Install them with USB hubs to charge all your electronics and even program them to turn on and off as necessary so that you never worry about keeping a hot flat iron or coffee pot going while you’re away from home again.

When installing smart items, consider your options first. Smaller projects, such as trash cans, can usually be done alone. However, if you want to take on a larger project, remember to hire a professional installation expert.


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