5 Ways a Home Automation System Will Make Your Life Easier as a Home Owner
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5 Ways a Home Automation System Will Make Your Life Easier as a Home Owner

May 18, 2018

Home automation is all the rage right now, and for good reason.  Home automation offers a wide array of highly customizable solutions for homeowners that want to improve efficiency and general quality of life within their home.  Today, most appliances, audio/video equipment, security systems, lighting, window treatments, surveillance systems, and more offer smart options or can be integrated into your home automation system.  If you are curious what can be integrated into home automation it is best to consult an experienced audio/video installation company that understands how to most effectively and efficiently integrate your home features to ensure your home automation works seamlessly.  Below are 5 ways a home automation system will make your life easier as a home owner.

1. Climate Control

Smart thermostats and digital thermostats are cable of being incorporated into your home automation and it offers many benefits to homeowners.  First, you can easily control your thermostat at the touch of a button.  Comfortable in bed but want to make it a little cooler?  Simply get your smart device, tablet, laptop or remote and adjust the thermostat.  No need to get up!  Are you at work for the day and want to turn the air conditioning up a few degrees so you don’t waste energy?  No problem!  Did you forget to adjust you thermostat while you are on vacation?  Easy!

2. Security Control

Home security is very important and today most homeowners want options to customize their home security and surveillance.  By integrating your home security and surveillance into your home automation, you can check in on security from anywhere using a smart phone, tablet, or laptop.  See who is at your front door, even if you are out of the country.  Check to make sure you locked the doors and lock them if you need to.  Arm or disarm the security system remotely as needed.

3. Lighting Control

When you want to set the scene in your home, or just go about your daily home operations, you can easily control your lighting with home lighting automation.  You have the option to set ‘scenes.’  For example, you can set a day or night scene and at the press of a button or at a pre-programmed time your lighting will automatically adjust.

4. Audio/Video Control

Want to easily control all of your audio and video equipment from one device rather than having 10 remote controls all over the place – home automation is the answer!  Control your audio and video equipment easily from one remote or right form your smart device or tablet.

5. Window Treatment Control

You can control your motorized window treatments from your smart device, tablet, or remote with the simple touch of a button.  Create pre-programmed scenes or pre-programmed times at which you want your window treatments to automatically adjust.


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