5 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Control with a Home Automation System
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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Control with a Home Automation System

January 21, 2020

Home automation is more than just a fancy lighting gadget or an elaborate security system. When installed correctly, these systems maintain your house, improve your lifestyle, and protect your belongings from neglect.

1. Ventilation

When running the hot water in the shower or letting the wash run in the laundry room, humidity builds up whether you like it or not. Automate the fan to clear out the mist.

A humidity sensor tells the system when the room is dry enough to switch the fan off again. You reduce the moisture in the house while limiting the power consumed by your ventilation.

2. Leak Detection and Control

Your home’s plumbing can leak at any time. Pipes sweat and gather condensation. Moisture trapped in walls encourages mold and insect infestations.

A leak detector senses excess water, and smart water valves isolate the circuit to prevent further damage. Receive an alert when the system detects a problem so you know exactly when to call a maintenance specialist.

3. Garage Security

Have you ever forgotten to lower the garage door? How long did you leave your belongings exposed? Motion sensors tell your system when you’ve left the garage and close the door for you.

4. Garden Upkeep

Mother nature does a better job of watering your lawn than you do, but she can be flaky sometimes. A timer helps, but you run the risk of flooding your garden and wasting water. A smart sprinkler system integrates with your local weather report and optimizes your lawncare based on rainfall and temperature.

5. Mail Call

Are you worried about package thieves? Set up a mail delivery box at your door, and automate a notification system.

Motion sensors tell your system when a driver drops off a package. Receive an alert the moment your mail arrives.

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