5 Things That You Need to Have in Your Media Room
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5 Things That You Need to Have in Your Media Room

August 28, 2019

Who doesn’t want the perfect media room in their home? Kicking back with a cold drink, your favorite snack, and an excellent movie or TV show after a long day is one of the ultimate ways to relax. Of course, to get the perfect media room, you’ll need these five essentials.

1. A Big-Screen TV

When choosing a TV size, consider how far from the screen you’ll be sitting. If you’ll only be 4-6 feet from the program, a 40-inch TV is perfect. Try one that is 65 inches if you’ll be up to 13 feet away, and if your room is large enough that you’ll be more than 20 feet from the TV, consider an 85-inch screen or larger.

2. Surround Sound

You’ll need the right sound to go with that big-screen TV. Theater-like surround sound makes explosions larger, love scenes more romantic, and laughter even better. A professionally installed system ensures the perfect decibel for the room you’ll be watching in.

3. Motorized Lighting Options

Nobody likes pausing their movie in the middle to close window blinds or otherwise adjust the lighting. By motorizing everything from your window shades to your light bulb dimmers, you ensure the best lighting while you’re watching your favorite shows.

4. Flexible Seating Options

Consider your seating options for your media room. Couches or theater seats can feel too stiff for a Netflix marathon. Consider varied furniture pieces or even bean bag chairs, pillows, and blankets for the space.

5. Unique Décor

Think about adding some unique touches if you have empty space to fill. A miniature refrigerator makes it easy to keep cold drinks, and a box of snacks plus a microwave means no trips to the kitchen between episodes. You might even consider a popcorn machine or another novelty item.

By taking the time to create the perfect media room for your family, you can be sure your evenings and weekends are more relaxing than ever. The hardest part will be trying to decide what to watch!


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