5 Must-Have Items for Your Media Room
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5 Must-Have Items for Your Media Room

August 3, 2020

Your media room should be one of your favorite places to hang out. While every media room should have a personalized touch, there are some essential items that every media room needs. Here are five things that every great media room needs.

1. 4K Television

A big screen 4K television is undoubtedly one of the most important features of any outstanding media room. You want to get a television that’s the perfect size to provide a captivating viewing experience. While you want your television to be large, it shouldn’t be too large in relation to the room’s size and how far away you’ll be sitting. If you’re mounting it to the wall, don’t position it so high that your eyes can’t rest on the screen comfortably.

2. Streaming Device

No media room is complete without a device to stream movies and shows. Pick a device that allows you to install every app that you’ll want access to including subscription services or premium movie stations. Ideally, the perfect streaming device should be user-friendly, have an excellent wireless network adapter, and be capable of streaming in 4K resolution.

3. Surround Sound

A great viewing experience requires fantastic speakers. The best way to set up speakers in your media room is to create a surround sound system. Two sound channels that are carefully positioned on more than one speaker will make everything that you listen to sound awesome.

4. Subwoofer

Not every sound system includes a subwoofer, but integrating a subwoofer creates a richer and more consistently distributed sound. A system with a subwoofer will fill a room and produce a sound that you can feel.

5. Music Console

In addition to watching movies or gaming, you may want to put your media room towards listening to music. You’ll need a console where you can play your favorite music on each of your preferred formats.


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