5 Benefits of Using Control4 for Home Automation
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5 Benefits of Using Control4 for Home Automation

July 1, 2018

While home automation used to be a luxury only implemented in high-end custom homes, it has now become that can be used to improve efficiency and convenience in any home!   Almost everyone today has at least 1 (if not MANY more) smart devices including smart phones, laptops, computers, tablets, and many other electronics.  And, now many home features like security, lighting, surveillance, climate control, window shades, door locks, garage door, and even appliances have smart technology integrated into their design.  Because of this, home automation possibilities are endless and whatever you want to be able to control with home automation, you can!  But, installing, programming, and deploying home automation is no easy task and if not done correctly, it can just cause more headaches than it solves.  Control4 is a leading home automation company with many different products and technologies designed to make home automation easy and, when installed by an experienced audio/video installer, will dramatically improve your home’s efficiency!  Below are 5 benefits of using Control4 for home automation in your home.

1. Improved Security

When you integrate your home’s security system and/or surveillance system into your home automation with Control4 it will significantly enhance your peace of mind.  You can easily check your surveillance cameras from anywhere using your smart phone, tablet, computer or other smart device.  Never wonder what is happening at your home again, you will always have access!  And, you can easily control your security system including arming/disarming it remotely as needed.  Whether you simply are comfortable in bed and don’t want to get up to arm your system or you are out of the country, you can control your system easily from anywhere.

2. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Your home’s climate control can easily be implemented into your home automation with Control4.  Your thermostat can be adjusted remotely so that you do not have to waste energy heating or cooling a home when nobody is home.  This will help improve your energy efficiency dramatically.  Further, you can control lighting and window shades to optimize your home’s energy efficiency.

3. Convenience of Automated Home Operations

What could be more convenient and easier to use than a Control4 home automation system?  Never wonder how to control a component of your home’s technology again, everything is in one convenient location with Control4.

4. One Touch Controls

Whether you want to control a single operation (turn the lights on) or you want a series of operations to happen (lights dim, television turns on, window shades close, and movie starts to play), multiple operations can be controlled at the touch of one single button with Control4!

5. Reduce Clutter

Say goodbye to multiple remotes and clutter throughout your home.  Control4 home automation integrates all controls into one easy to use location so that you can declutter without sacrificing convenience or control.


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