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3 Ways to Enhance Your Backyard with Technology

November 19, 2021

Your backyard is an extension of your home and with the right features, it can be a fun, relaxing, and entertaining place to spend time. Enjoying your backyard does not mean you have to sacrifice some of the fun technologies you enjoy inside.

Now, with modern technologies, you can enhance your backyard with technology without taking away from the beauty of your landscape design and architecture. In fact, the technologies below will enhance your backyard and how much you enjoy it!

1. Outdoor Music

There are many audio components specifically designed for outdoor use including speakers, subwoofers, and more. Your outdoor music can be integrated with your home automation for easy controls and is scalable to meet your needs and desires.

Whether you want to listen to music on your patio or have speakers throughout your landscape, you can enjoy the music you love or make entertaining guests more fun with outdoor music.

2. Outdoor Video

Want to watch the big game or your favorite show or movie outside? No problem, there are many ways you can install televisions and even projectors outside so that you can have the flexibility to enjoy your entertainment whether you are inside or outside.

There are ways to protect televisions from the outdoor elements and TVs specifically designed or able to be adjusted specifically for outdoor use so that you do not sacrifice picture quality.

3. Outdoor Lighting

Strategic landscape lighting and outdoor lighting not only make it possible to enjoy your backyard any time of day but actually enhance the appearance of your landscape design and home’s architecture.

What are the tips for buying outdoor systems?

Outdoor music

Exterior speakers can transform any living space. When compared to indoor speakers, outdoor speakers are quite easy to install. People should consider all the options from the market when they are planning to buy outdoor speakers.

First, consider the best location for the entertainment system. Large yards or patios may require more than one speaker. However, people should be aware of their neighbors and surrounding regions. Evaluate the logistics of running speaker wires to blend in with the environment.

Most importantly, people should choose outdoor speakers that can withstand moisture, sunlight, dust, wind, and other external elements. Supplement subwoofer will also prove vital for an outdoor setup.

Apropos of speaker wires, homeowners must estimate how much speaker wire will be needed to connect the amplifier and receiver. This prevents the frustration of short wire gauges that will affect the entire setup. For more reliable connections, one can use regular PVC piping.

This also protects the wires from external elements. Once the installation is finished, test the speakers before completing. Measure the overall balance, fidelity, and projection of the setup, mounted speakers are designed to prevent pooling water. Hence, it is essential to tilt them an upward position to maintain the insulation of the home.

Outdoor video

People looking to create a stunning outdoor theatre tend to indoor projectors or televisions. However, the same equipment will not prove ideal because they are not designed for the particular environment. Moreover, the ambient lighting from street lamps or houselights will cause further distraction.

Hence, people need to select a project that is not interfered by any of these elements. Typically, outdoor projector and screen combo is deemed as a good investment. It gives the optimal viewing experience for outdoor environment with enough brightness. Then, homeowners have to consider the seating position for their outdoor viewing to get the best experience.

Outdoor lighting

To ensure the best outdoor lighting for a house, it is essential to consider the different types of lighting options available on the market. The most popular options include solar landscape lighting.

It offers a convenient installation that doesn’t rely on a power outlet. People must plan their fixture layout heedfully to avoid any confusion. One can work closely with professionals to illuminate the pathway properly.

Once purchased, decide the layout of the lighting installation. Line placement is another consideration. People should refer to their owner’s manual to find out the suggested spacing. Most importantly, energy efficiency should be considered at all stages.

An efficient transformer is the best option to save energy in many situations. The transformer should be placed in an easily accessible location. Before finishing, bury the cables to avoid any risks of voltage drops. A timer is another device that be used to save energy.


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