3 Tips to Create the Ultimate Dining Experience
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3 Tips to Create the Ultimate Dining Experience

May 4, 2020

When opening a restaurant business, your goal should be to stand out from the competition. While food is an important component to the overall customer experience, the environment of the restaurant is also important. A carefully planned environment with just the right ambient touches will provide an experience that is memorable and worthy of telling friends and family.

1. Lighting

If the light is too bright, it can create glares and deep shadows, causing eye strain or headaches. If it’s too dark, you could create a risky situation in which accidents are likely to occur. The light should be bright enough so wait staff can deliver food and customers can read menus. The solution is an even distribution of soft light. Don’t rely on just one light source to brighten a table, but provide ambient lighting so soft light illuminates each table from several sources.

2. Audio

You want to provide audio that won’t detract from the design of your dining room. Your speakers should be evenly distributed so none of your diners are drowned out by sound because the loudest speaker is located next to them. A series of smaller speakers strategically distributed will make the music you play more pleasant and enjoyable. Choose music that compliments the environment for a more authentic experience.

3. Video

Incorporating several televisions into your design will give your guests a reason to hang out longer. Placing them behind the bar communicates to the guest they should feel at home while enjoying a sports broadcast. Tailor the content you broadcast to your desired audience and your restaurant will become a destination spot.

While planning your lighting, audio and video, consider them as a package, intended to work together to achieve the best customer experience possible. Teamed with excellent food, attractive decor and outstanding customer service, you’ll have a winning business model that can’t possibly fail.


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