3 Reasons All Homes Need Video Security Systems
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3 Reasons All Homes Need Video Security Systems

February 6, 2019

Video security systems are the new normal for property owners these days. Just two decades ago, they were surprisingly rare; very few homes had one, and even the majority of businesses went without. But times (as they say) do change, and almost all new home construction includes a security system or provides a foundation for wiring and cameras, and businesses have learned that cameras virtually always pay for themselves. Here’s the top 3 reasons why they’re now standard equipment.

Deter Criminal Acts Before They Get Started

Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity; a thief will make a quick check to find the most vulnerable target in a small area. One study showed that 60% of would-be thieves will avoid a home with cameras. With the proper signage and some visible cameras, you can stop major problems before they occur.

Save Money 2 Different Ways

Many insurance policies will grant discounts to homeowners and renters who have professionally-installed video camera systems. There’s a burglary every 15 seconds, and it’s in their financial interests to reduce their payouts by incentivizing you.

Perhaps even more important, having a professional, high-quality video record can be crucial, visual record for disproving frivolous lawsuits thrown at property owners. A quick internet search shows countless videos of people who were caught cheating by claiming nonexistent injuries, and in today’s litigious world, residences have become targets as well.

See Who’s at the Door From Your Living Room – or From 12,000 Miles Away

Top video security systems provide instant access to all your cameras at the touch of your smartphone. You – and only you – can see who’s at the door or set alerts for zones around your home where activity isn’t expected. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, your physical presence is no longer relevant to your ability to closely monitor your home.

Ultimately, your family’s safety and peace of mind are the most important reasons for having a professionally-installed security system. Chicago area residents and businesses now have video cameras by default, to discourage crime, reduce hassles and for protection – even in apartments and rentals.



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