Smart Commercial Automation Solutions for Your Sports Bar
Commercial Automation

Smart Commercial Automation Solutions for Your Sports Bar

August 15, 2017

Smart AV in Your Chicago, IL Pub Enhances the Customer Experience

Integrating commercial automation and AV solutions into your business is a bright idea. But when you’re running a sports bar in the Chicago, IL area, it’s almost essential. Technology can do more than just look cool. It can also keep your customers engaged for big returns on investment. In this blog, we’ll show you some smart solutions that will work perfectly in your sports bar. Read on to learn more.


Digital Signage

One piece of technology many sports bars can benefit from is digital signage. Whether you have rotating taps featuring local beers or you want to feature various deals on well drinks, digital signage is a great way to inform your customers of what’s going on. Plus, you can even update them in real-time, to feature new specials as the day goes on, or to let people know you’re out of a specific drink.

The particular advantage of digital signs is that you don’t have to take a lot of time to change them out. If you have the ability to create graphics, you can enjoy a lot of dynamic content on your walls without dealing with a printer or having to hang it yourself. So whether you want to enjoy the convenience of a changeable menu or you want to highlight the new deals you have, a digital sign is a versatile piece of equipment that will get your message across.

AV Distribution

There are two aspects of AV distribution that you’ll need to consider. The first is how good your signal looks and sounds. If you’re planning to stream that night’s game or you want to play some music to help with the atmosphere, your system needs to handle it all with ease. And it’s not just about installing 4K video monitors and a few Sonos speakers.

High-quality video starts with the source. If it’s a cable box or computer, you can ensure you’re getting the best signal and that your network has enough bandwidth to support it. You won’t be streaming a 4K signal through standard HDMI cables, no matter what your monitor does. Similarly, if you’re looking to stream lossless audio files, you want to make sure your wired or wireless network can handle the strain.

Secondly, you also want to ensure your system is easy to use. After all, you didn’t hire your bartenders and servers to be experts with a remote control. So make sure you’re using a simple interface, whether it’s a hard-button remote or a touch panel device that’s only programmed with the features you want to control. That will minimize the time spent on selecting AV content.

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