How to Enhance Your Chicago Business With Commercial Automation
Commercial Automation

How to Enhance Your Chicago Business With Commercial Automation

April 8, 2017

Streamline for Success

Getting the most out of your business should be easy. You should have one-touch controls over all your technology. Whether that’s lighting, shading, or audio video, your systems should work seamlessly to save you time and money. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can benefit from integrating the systems in your business with a single commercial automation solution. Read on to learn more!


Integrating Lighting

Lights are important to any business because you can’t get any work done without them. But just because they’re essential doesn’t mean they don’t drive up energy costs. That’s why you should invest in smart lighting – it helps you manage your energy expenses while also giving you more control.

Smart lighting offers real-time statistics on usage, which means you can make immediate decisions on how it’s being used. Did someone leave the lights on in the conference room after they left? One touch on your tablet will take care of that. Is the entire floor lit up even though no one is in the building? Receive a push notification and turn them off remotely.

Additionally, you can integrate sensors that help your system work automatically. Occupancy sensors will activate lights when an employee enters a room, and turn them off when they leave. Daylight sensors will help you maximize efficiency by using natural sunlight when available. The result is a lower-cost solution to your lighting needs.

Smart Shading

Among the most important, though frequently overlooked, aspects of commercial automation, motorized shades can help you save money on lighting and climate control. By integrating the aforementioned daylight sensors, your shades can work with your smart lighting to optimize efficiency.

Moreover, they can help keep your spaces from becoming too warm or too cold, therefore putting your HVAC system on overdrive. Large windows are where you lose most of your climate control efficiency. Add sunshades that allow light to pass through but minimize temperature change, and integrate them with your lighting system for an enhanced climate control system.

One-Touch Audio Video

Many businesses use audio video equipment. From the sports bar to the boardroom, AV is essential to just about any working environment. That’s why you want a system that allows you to control everything with as little effort as possible.

A smart AV system should integrate with each of your other smart components for easy access. When you want to start a presentation, a single touch should turn on the speakers, dim the lights, lower the shades and activate the video monitor. You’ll have more time to focus on company goals when you don’t have to worry about setting everything up beforehand.

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