How Home Lighting Control Can Transform Your Property
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How Home Lighting Control Can Transform Your Property

February 10, 2017

Get the Most out of Your Lights

If you’re a fan of smart automation, or you simply want to make intelligent changes to your Highland Park, IL property, home lighting control is the perfect place to start. Whether you want to monitor energy usage, keep your home safe or simply make your spaces more beautiful, smart lighting is a one-touch solution. With customizable controls that fit your lifestyle, you can take advantage of a safe, efficient and beautiful system that will transform the way you see your spaces. Read on for more.


Lighting for Beauty

Perhaps the most obvious use of lighting is making your home more beautiful. Integrated lighting helps you do just that, easier than before. With a single touch on your tablet or smartphone, you can raise or dim the lights in a room for the perfect setting. In fact, many manufacturers work with voice control apps like Alexa, so you can simply say what you want and enjoy.

Additionally, smart lighting systems are grouped into zones, so you can operate them separately. Say you want to highlight a new art piece: just raise the key lights and dim surrounding units to draw the eye to what’s important. You can even save the setting as a “scene” and return to it at will.

Lighting for Energy Management

A key factor for many homeowners when integrating any kind of smart technology is energy usage. With the winds of winter keeping Illinois in a deep chill, you’re probably looking for ways to reduce energy costs while still keeping your spaces warm. Automated lighting can help.

With a properly installed lighting system, you can receive real-time information on your light usage. If you’re using too much, you can remotely dim or shut off the lights in any room. You can also integrate occupancy sensors, which turn the lights on when someone enters a room, and off when they leave.

Lighting for Security

While the way your home looks and how efficiently it uses energy are important, many homeowners love the idea that smart lighting can help keep them safe. With smart settings that work in tandem with your surveillance and security systems, you can avoid potential break-ins.

When you leave the house, you can set your lights to alternate between rooms, making it look as if you’re home even if you’re miles away. Moreover, you can install floodlights to activate any time sensors detect motion in your yard, which will likely scare away anyone or anything that may be meddling there.

These are just a few of the ways home lighting control can benefit your property. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Davis Audio and Video today!


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