Your Smart Home Automation Questions, Answered
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Your Smart Home Automation Questions, Answered

November 4, 2016

We Address Some FAQ About Integrated Technology

Technology is a funny thing. Sometimes it seems like just when you get the hang of it, there’s something new to buy. That might be why some homeowners in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area have been skeptical of integrating their technology with a smart home automation system. After all, you can’t enjoy what you don’t understand. In this blog, we’ll break down some of your frequently asked questions about how smart technology can help simplify your lifestyle. Learn more after the jump.

What makes technology “smart”?

Technology is oftentimes referred to as “smart” when it collects data based on your personal usage to help customize your experience. For instance, the smartphone in your pocket right now understands the primary ways you use it to help you by making it easy to share contacts with other services, keeping track of the news stories you’re interested in and allowing the download of apps to help you organize your day.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a house or apartment where all or most of the technology has been integrated into a single system to make your life easier. You may have heard of items like smart thermostats and smart lighting systems but taken individually they do not make a smart home. It’s only when the lighting, thermostat and other devices work with one another to improve the condition of your space that you truly have a smart home.

How do I start integrating technology?

For many homeowners, upgrading all of the technology in their house seems like a big step. But it’s possible to only integrate a smart system within a single room. Plenty of people start out with a small, self-contained system in their media room or home theater, and then choose to upgrade later.

Won’t the technology be obsolete in a few years?

A very common concern among homeowners is the rapid development of home technology. While it’s true that every year there seems to be a new version of some device, it’s rare that you’ll need to upgrade your system within a few years.

The most extensive and time-consuming process in integrating technology isn’t adding new devices, it’s preparing your space to run them. Pre-wiring is one of the most important aspects of any home automation system. Many newly built homes already have automation pre-wiring installed. Quality pre-wiring can’t prevent a single device from failing, but it can make it far easier to change it out if it does.

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