2 Reasons You Need Acoustic Paneling
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2 Reasons You Need Acoustic Paneling

May 24, 2021

It is hard to beat the experience of going to movie theater sitting in a comfortable chair, watching a movie on the big screen, and enjoying the incredible sound quality. Anyone can put the big TV or even a projector screen in their home as well the comfortable chair but achieving movie theater quality sound is a whole different ballgame. Even if you have the best audio/video components, if you don’t have acoustic paneling you will not be able to replicate that kind of movie theater sound. Below, we explain the 2 main reasons that you need acoustic paneling in your home theater.

1. Acoustic panels reduce ambient noise.

Acoustic panels are made of wool or phone and are sound absorbing. Because they naturally absorb sound they will prevent disturbances from ambient noise including talking, eating, in other noises from outside your room.

2. Acoustic panels absorb a sound thereby reducing sound resonance.

Acoustic paneling enhances the quality of the sound you experience because it prevents reverberation. Reverberation, also known as sound resonance, happens when sound waves bounce off of hard surfaces in the room. After all, surround sound is not simply about being loud, it’s about experiencing the sound the way it was recorded and designed to be experienced.


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