2 Most Important Factors When Choosing the Right Height to Hang a TV
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2 Most Important Factors When Choosing the Right Height to Hang a TV

October 7, 2020

You have just invested in a new television and you are ready to have it installed and there is still one big decision to make – where should the TV be hung? Choosing the ideal location and, in particular, ideal height to hang a television can be tricky. You have to evaluate the room you are in, where you will most likely be sitting to view the television, what existing decor is in the room, what size the television is, and other factors when determining the height at which the television should be hung. The best thing you can do is consult and work with a professional audio video installation company who can lend their expertise and knowledge in choosing the perfect television height for your room. Generally speaking, these guidelines can help you determine at what height your television should be hung:

1. What size television are you installing?

It is important to know what television size you have and its dimensions when determining wall hanging height. The ideal height will be if the television so that the center of the television is at eye level of wherever you will be typically watching.

2. Where will you be sitting when watching television?

The distance you will be sitting from the television will also impact ideal installation height. Generally speaking, for any television under 60’’, you want your seating to be roughly 7’-15’ away from the television. For any television over 60’’, you want your sating to be roughly 8’-16’ from the television.


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