Why You Need a Residential Surveillance System

July 9, 2021

We all want to feel safe in our own homes we also cannot turn a blind eye to the reality of the world. Today, the average homeowner received the number of packages on a regular basis delivered right to their front door. While this is extremely convenient, it increases foot traffic to your home into lead to things like trespassing and burglary. Having a surveillance system can help with this problem. But, even if you are not so concerned with crime at your home there are still many reasons to consider installing a residential surveillance system.

When it comes to residential crime prevention, there are few things more effective than a surveillance system.  Simply having surveillance cameras can be a deterrent for criminals – if they see a camera they will probably move on from your home because they do not want to get caught. However, whether they see the cameras or not, if a crime does take place at your home your surveillance cameras will make it easier to identify and catch the criminal.

Residential surveillance cameras are greatly enhance your peace of mind when you are away from home. Want to check and see when the package you ordered is delivered? No problem! Simply open the app on your phone and look at the live feed or previous recording of your surveillance system so you can see exactly what is happening at your home. And, if you have teenagers or pets at home and want to keep an eye on things when you’re away, a surveillance system makes it easy and efficient. Speak a professional installer to learn how to residential surveillance system can dramatically improve your home security.

Tips for installation

Homeowners looking to install the optimal surveillance systems must consult with experienced professionals. Studies show that 34% of burglars intrude from the front door. Therefore, cameras at the main entrance helps to keep tab on every one entering through that front door. Moreover, they can also use video doorbells as an extension for their camera security system.

Doors that are less visible also allow visitors to enter without any detection. Statistics report that one third of all break-ins occurs from the back door. To ensure full knowledge of that access at that point, make sure to install systems at a vantage point. When one door is used more often than others, this installation gives an added protection.

Another less detected area is garages. It is one of the weakest entry points for intruders. A camera placed at this location helps to keep a watchful eye. People can protect their bikes, tools, grills, and other equipment placed inside the garage.

As for exterior spaces, multiple surveillance systems helps to ward off any possible threats. Especially for homes with toddlers and pets, this tactic is essential to keep a tab on every clean and repairmen that are entering the property. This way, homeowners can secure a crucial break-in point.

Advantages to note

Deterring criminals

The mere presence of a surveillance system is essential to deter criminals. Even the most seasoned criminal will abort the burglary attempt when there is a camera present. The installations even help to record the whole incident and lead to the capture of suspects in the shortest time possible.


As cited above, cameras can capture every event or record. A professionally-installed system serves as a crucial component to prevent future crimes. Law enforcement officials can use the images or videos to track down the criminals. Homeowners can get their items back without any complications.

Homes with pets and kids need surveillance more than others. Families with working parents can benefit significantly by these devices. Parents can keep an eye on their beloved ones using remote monitoring feature. This allows them to focus on their work and keep peace of mind at all times.


It is a time-consuming process to claim insurance after a burglary. A high-definition security camera can make them less daunting by using the recorded images and videos. People can document the incident and claim insurance benefit much easier. Using security systems will also help them get additional perks.

Future outlook

Homeowners can consider home security as a valuable investment that will protect their family and property even when they are away. Therefore, they should consult with an experienced company and figure out the best solutions suitable for their needs and preferences.


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