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Unexpected Ways To Use Home Automation

June 14, 2022

Getting home automation technology in your house instantly makes things more convenient. You can turn lights on or off with an app or a voice command, and check your locks from anywhere. But there are even more possibilities if you have a Control4 system. Take a look at some things you may not have considered.

Help Everyone Start Their Day

Build a complete morning routine for everyone in your home. Set smart bulbs to slowly get brighter in the morning to help you wake up. Then add smart speakers that can play music for everyone to boost the mood and start the day off right.

Match Lighting to Activity Levels

You can also use Control4 to set the tone for different activities in the house. During the afternoons and evenings, use bright light for active times or while kids do homework. As the evening goes on, automatically dim lights to wind down.

Create a Theater Experience

Your home automation system can also be used to bring the theater experience into your home. Get special lighting and speakers for your theater system. With the touch of a button, you can automate the lights to shift to your preferred movie settings while the speakers change modes to give you a surround sound experience.

With Control4 automation customized to your needs, you have so many possibilities. Let Davis Audio & Video help you make the most of your options.


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