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Tips To Prepare Your Media Room for the Football Season

September 16, 2022

Football is one of America’s most popular sports, with millions guaranteed to tune into games. The camera techniques that football employs allow viewers to see plays from any angle, many as though they are on the field. Football does as much as any sport to make viewers feel as though they’re at the games. A media room is a perfect way to get that at-the-game feel from your end.

How To Prepare Your Media Room for Football Season

First, as important as the audio and visual equipment that you use is how the room matches your lifestyle, entertaining habits and any other ideas you have about your relaxation chamber. Next, consider the three S’s.

The three S’s of the media room scenario are Sight, Sound and Seating. You’ll want to choose the best wall for the screen and get the seating configuration down first, which means contemplating who and how many of your friends and family will be using the room on gamedays.

After the seating plan is in place, you can consider how to install the sound system. You can have sound coming from any wall, the ceiling and from the seats to get a true surround sound experience.
Your media room is where you’ll spend hours on Sundays and several evenings every week. You might even spend Thanksgiving in there.

Setting it up to your liking before the season begins will help ensure a better experience. Visit us at Davis Audio & Video to take a look at our media room services today.


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