Today, there is a multitude of technologies and systems to automate your home. Each has its own unique features, costs, integrations, and more but when it comes to the home automation industry, Control4 is seen as the best of the best. And, for good reason, their systems are robust, easy to use, easily scalable, have a multitude of integrations, and are optimal for just about any home of any size. Most homes today have at least a few smart technologies being used, whether homeowners realize it or not. With Control4, homeowners can easily automate their entire home including audio/video, lighting, window shades, security, surveillance, smart door locks, HVAC, and much more!

One of the beauties of having a Control4 home automation system professionally installed is that it is highly scalable. So, whether you want to go all out and automate everything now or you want to simply start with a few technologies, you can, and you can easily scale up or down as needed in the future. The controls are extremely simple, there is an app that can be installed on smartphones, smart devices, tablets, laptops, etc. or you can access controls from a remote or wall-panel as desired. This means whether you are cozy in your bed and don’t want to get up to turn off the lights and arm the security system or you are across the globe and want to unlock the front door to let the dog sitter in, you can do just that at the touch of a single button!

Programmable scenes are easily set or changed as needed and allow you to create a sequence of events with your technology. For example, if you would like to set a “bedtime” scene, you could program your Control4 system so that you push a single button and the lights dim or turn off, the window shades close, your security and surveillance systems are activated, all doors are locked, and your climate control adjusts to your ideal temperature for sleeping. Can you imagine anything more convenient? The possibilities for potential programmable scenes are endless and highly customizable to your lifestyle. Transform your home life, give yourself peace of mind, and make operating all of your home technology easy and convenient with a professionally installed Control4 home automation system.