What Speakers Are Perfect for Your Whole Home Audio System?

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Great music is one of the best things you can have in your home. And no matter your tastes, you want a system that makes everything sound spectacular. But each whole home audio system we install is completely customized to the user. That means that no two look the same! With that in mind, we understand that it can be a little confusing if you’re looking to find the right speakers for your system. In this blog, well break down the different types of speakers so you can make a more informed decision when your system is in the works. Read on for more!


Invisible Speakers

Most homeowners don’t want big speaker units taking up space in their rooms. Not only can it often lead to a cluttered look, but it can also ruin any kind of design aesthetic you may be going for. That’s why most opt for invisible speakers, so they can hear every note of their favorite tracks without looking at the devices.

Invisible speakers are perfect for homeowners who want the sound without the clutter. Often sitting within the walls, filling recesses no bigger than the ones you use for lighting fixtures, these speakers give you all of the sound you could want. An integrator can even distribute the units so that your space is evenly covered with sound, so you can stand anywhere and still get the same quality.

Bookshelf Speakers

For homeowners who don’t want to start out with heavy installation, bookshelf speakers are a perfect solution. You can distribute your audio to any room without heavy equipment. Plus, these speakers are available in both wired and wireless versions.

Companies like Sonos have made a name for themselves providing useful, elegant-looking wireless bookshelf speakers to homeowners across the country. Their solutions are a little less invasive than some, and they also easily integrate with Control4 and other smart home interfaces.

Freestanding Speakers

If you’re a true audiophile you’ll want a dedicated listening room to really experience the best of your favorite music. Freestanding speakers are the classics – large cabinets that offer bigger sound. They may not be appropriate for the living room, but they’re perfect for your dedicated music space.

Freestanding speakers are often part of a two-channel system, and your integrator can expertly calibrate them for the perfect sound staging. If done properly, you’ll feel as though you’re sitting at the concert listening to your favorite band!

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One of the best parts of a smart automation system is enjoying your media distributed throughout your property. When you integrate a whole home audio system, you can listen to your music just about anywhere around the house or apartment. But there’s more to it than that! In this blog, we’ll illustrate how you can reap big benefits from integrating an audio distribution system in your home. Read on to learn more.


What are the Benefits from an Audio Distribution System

#1 It’s Invisible

It’s a matter of taste: some homeowners love the idea of living in a tech wonderland with speakers and light up displays, but others want to enjoy it without seeing it. In fact, many homeowners interested in smart automation avoid audio distribution systems because they don’t want to clutter their space with components. However, with a custom whole home audio system, you can decide exactly which technology you want to see.

Invisible speakers are available that hide within the wall or ceiling without sacrificing sound quality. They usually fit the same recesses made for light fixtures, so you probably won’t even notice them once they’re installed. Plus, the integrator you work with should be an expert in sound calibration, so he knows exactly where to place the components to ensure consistent, even playback.

#2 Plenty of Options

If you’re the other type of homeowner, the one who loves the idea of a dedicated listening room with massive floor standing speakers and acoustically-treated walls, you’re in luck. Your whole home audio system offers plenty of options.

With the touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet, you can stream your favorite tunes to a space dedicated to making it sound as good as possible. Speakers and seating can be arranged to give you the perfect sound stage. Plus, with lossless audio files you can catch every detail of each track without missing a beat.

You can even connect multiple sources, so you can get the most out of your old vinyl collection. In a dedicated listening room, you have complete control.

#3 Neatly Stored

Speaking of multiple sources: how do you have a bunch of components in your home without having it clutter up your rooms? Your integrator can neatly store and rack the AV equipment in an unused closet or basement. They can run wires discreetly throughout the house to ensure reliable connections for every component.

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