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Everything You Need to Know About Programmable Scenes

December 16, 2021

Home automation can absolutely transform your home life by making all of your technology and home features easier to use, more energy-efficient, and more convenient. The best way to take full advantage of home automation is programmable scenes. Virtually any technology in your home can be integrated into your home automation system but you won’t be leveraging the full capabilities of automation without programmable scenes. Essentially, programmable scenes are a series or sequence of commands that are grouped together so that at the touch of a single button or at a pre-determined day/time, all commands are executed.

Programmable scenes offer endless possibilities for programming depending on what technologies you have, your lifestyle, your entertaining style, and your general preferences. For example, you could program a “morning scene” so that, at 6am on weekdays, the lights automatically begin to slowly turn on, the window shades open, soft music begins playing, and your coffee starts brewing. Or, perhaps you want to make your nighttime routine a little more convenient so at the touch of a button, the window shades close, the lights dim, your smart door locks activate, the security system arms itself, exterior lights turn on, and the temperature lowers for a cozy evening wind down. Essentially, if you have technology, it can probably be integrated into your home automation scenes.

Programmable scenes can be added or changed at any time and can be controlled by a smartphone, smart device or tablet, remote control, and more. Because home automation programmable scenes can be controlled from your devices, they can be activated, deactivated, or adjusted whether you are home or away. Save time and energy and say goodbye to running around manually adjusted each home feature or searching for various remotes to control everything and make your life more convenient and efficient with programmable scenes.


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