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Conference Room Acoustic Paneling

January 24, 2022

There is nothing more frustrating during an important business meeting than not being able to hear each other well communicate clearly, whether in the room or video conferencing. Why let presentations get derailed and important business meetings delayed when sound quality can be easily improved with conference room acoustic paneling. And, in addition to improved sound quality, acoustic paneling helps reduce noise coming from outside the conference room while simultaneously enhancing privacy by better insulating sound. Most conference rooms have a lot of hard surfaces like tables, windows, whiteboards, etc. that reflect sounds that create reverb that diminishes sound quality and disrupt meetings.

Acoustic paneling comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors so it can easily integrate with any interior design and because they come in individual panels you can easily scale and add more when needed. And, there are both wall and ceiling acoustic panels, depending on your space and needs. Acoustic panels help improve speech discernibility by reducing reverb and ambient noise so that communication is clear and intelligible, even with telecommunications and video conferencing. Work with an experienced audio/video installer to choose the right type and amount of acoustic paneling, as well as to determine the ideal acoustic paneling placement necessary to achieve the sound quality and privacy you want in your conference room.


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