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Brighten Your Home With Lighting Control

November 22, 2022

Good lighting is important to the overall mood of your home. In fact, it is one of the most important elements of home design. Bad lighting design can make your home uncomfortable, but automated lighting control puts the power in your hands to create the ambiance you want.

Start With Your Window Treatments

Before you focus on your interior lighting, think about your windows. Different window treatments can shape how light filters into your home. When choosing shades, think about how much light you want to prevent entering your home when the shades come down. Color choice and the ability to block light are important to your overall lighting.

Automated shades are a form of lighting control because you can open and close them with the touch of a button. Additionally, you can put your blinds on a timer to open during the day and close by night.

Consider Automated Lighting

There is a direct connection between your ambient lighting and your mood. For instance, people tend to feel more anxious or upset over time when exposed to too much blue light. Automated lighting gives you more control over your home. You can turn lights on and off, dim them or change the color with a remote or smart app. Additionally, occupancy sensors can turn the lights off when you or your children leave the room.

Your lighting choices can also help you highlight different decor or design elements within your home. For instance, if you have a painting displayed in your living room, the right lighting can draw guests’ eyes to the art.

Give Automated Lighting Control a Chance

Your home’s design suffers if you do not have lighting that complements it. To start on your lighting design, you have to think about your window treatments alongside the type of lighting you install. Schedule a consultation today to discover the lighting control options that will work best for your home!


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