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Advantages of Business Surveillance Systems

November 3, 2021

Running a business is no simple task and, regardless of industry, it involves a lot of moving parts to keep things running effectively. No matter your business size, safety and security are extremely important and the easiest way to maximize those things is with a surveillance system.

Your surveillance system can be as simple and streamlined as a single camera at your business’ point of entry and a way to monitor it, or it can be a complex network for an enterprise-level surveillance system.

Surveillance systems can be like a set of eyes anywhere you or your staff cannot physically be at all times. It provides peace of mind and actually enhances safety. High-quality cameras are not just effective for capturing video but simply the presence of them can be a crime deterrent because if people see them they are less likely to commit a crime because of the risk.

But, if you want to hide or seamlessly integrate your security cameras so that people are not aware of their presence it is possible to do that as well.

With modern business surveillance systems, it is easy to monitor a single camera or multiple cameras right from your smartphone or other devices. Video can simply provide a live stream for you to monitor or it can record.

It can run on a schedule or it can be motion activated. The possibilities are endless and with a professional installer, designing a robust surveillance system that is personalized to your needs is easy and efficient.

What to consider before buying a surveillance system?

Every business has unique security needs. To ensure maximum protection, they should research the market and find products ideal for their needs. In that sense, there are some factors that they should consider.


Businesses with multiple locations need a complex setup of cameras and motion detectors. They should call professionals for this project. Opting for DIY will lead to many problems such as, late completions, expensive repairs, and poor placement of systems. Professionals ensure a proper installation with their experience and skills.


This factor is also varies based on each client. Depending on the size of their business, they must decide the number of cameras required and the type of storage necessary for the setup. Generally, placing advanced systems can suffice all the protection needs of a business and prevents any further risks.

Camera type

In the market, one can find two types of cameras: internet protocol and analog. The latter one is a traditional type of camera that have been used for many years, IP cameras are modern entries that offer better features and capabilities. They can also capture high resolution images in any environment.


Typically, there are three types of video storage types available: NVR, DVR, and hybrid. DVR or digital video recorders used analog cameras to protect the premises. NVR or network video recorder used IP cameras, and hybrid systems combine both analog and IP cameras for maximum protection.

What are the benefits of a surveillance system?

In a business setting, surveillance systems provide many valuable benefits. Even though the upfront cost of installing the setup may seem costly, it pays off in the long-term by providing peace of mind for business owners.

Modern iterations of analog cameras like IP cameras can capture videos in better resolution. They can also be connected to a network setup and avoid the dependance on physical storage equipment. That makes for a clear image quality compared to other footages. Most importantly, IP cameras have larger field of vision as well.

Business owners get mobile notifications and automatic recording features with modern setups. They can also configure their systems to capture events and allow them to keep surveillance at all times. In worst case scenarios, these footages act as evidence to conduct lawsuits or necessary proceedings. Some systems even offer a feature to connect with local law enforcement.

IP cameras can also be connected with PoE. Better known as power over Ethernet, it helps to power the camera and send data to it. This means that there is no need to provide a separate power source or a complex setup with multiple switches.

Lastly, when compared with traditional setups, modern cameras generally cost less. The total cost of installing a surveillance systems is manageable. Businesses can also avoid the hassle of dealing with damages and recovery by investing on these systems. Hence, these surveillance systems make for a worthwhile investment.


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