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Commercial Window Shade Automation

October 11, 2021

Windows that let in natural light can transform a cold office building into a bright, happy, and productive workspace. But, every window you have needs a window treatment of some sort for times when you need privacy or want to control light intensity. Whether you have a few windows or hundreds of windows, the last thing you want to do is walk around every day from window to window opening and closing shades. It is time-consuming and monotonous and you could certainly be using your time more efficiently for something else. The solution to this problem is automated window shades.

Automated window shades are extremely convenient because you can control all windows at once from an app on a device, smartphone, or control panel. You can adjust individual windows as needed or tap a single button to adjust all of your window shades at once.  Additionally, you can program your commercial automated window shades according to a specific schedule so that you can be even more hands-off! The ease of control is only one of the many benefits of integrated automated window shades in your business.

In addition to convenience, automated window shades are extremely efficient and will likely improve your business’s energy efficiency, thereby saving you money on monthly utilities.  Window shades reduce heat gain which then reduces the amount of air conditioning you may need for your business.  Also, automated window shades enhance your privacy and security.  Integrate your commercial automated window shades with your automation system for ultimate ease of use and transform your office’s atmosphere and efficiency.

What are the advantages of automated window shades?

In commercial facilities, well-designed automated window shades are a vital component for many good reasons.

Maximum security

First, a workplace may consist of many safety hazards. Most corded systems are risky because workers could trip and injure themselves. Moreover, the hassle of cable management are overwhelming and challenging. Automated systems offer more safety for workers by protecting them any accidental slips and falls. Most importantly, there is a no need to worry about the visual clutter of cables.

Energy savings

Every year, business owners spend millions on energy bills. In many instances, conventional windows affected insulation and light control. Automated shades are ideal for controlling energy savings. They can be programmed to close and open at specific time. This feature will also maximize the energy savings.

UV exposure

Prolonged exposure to UV rays leads to many harmful effects. It will also affect décor and furniture. Commercial automated shades are essential to resolve this issue by limiting the penetration of natural sunlight. These systems are available with sensors that can control lighting settings as well.


Commercial window shade automation has many functions depending on the setup. People can program their systems to perform various actions with the ease of a remote control. Moreover, this approach reduces the challenges of dealing multiple components in setting the ultimate comfort for a space.


Less penetration of sunlight and other natural elements ensure that workers can concentrate on their duties. It will also protect natural light from entering the premise with programmed controls. The blackout curtains and blinds are ideal to protect products or devices that are sensitive to light.

How to setup automated shades?

The first step is planning, people should evaluate every factors involved in their project to create a seamless transition between stages. First, find out the type of window covering ideal for an environment. This involves contemplating on the materials and mounting requirements. One should also focus on finding the best motors for their setup.

Next, decide the power source for a setup. Contact a reputed electrician and ask them to provide wiring from the main power source. It involves cutting holes in the wall and transforming some areas of the interior surface. Professionals can also install the motorized controls inside the wall.

At this step, the installation for automated shades begin. Set the input sources like shades, remotes and hubs. Then, sync all these devices to a central controller. The automatic coverings do not require any complex commands. Hence, choose controllers with a wide range of functions to avoid confusion.

The last step involves wiring all the components together. Connect individual system to a central control ad make sure to follow local codes. Electricians can complete this work with maximum safety. They can also make plans to redecorate the drywall with patches and painting reworks.


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