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Automate Your Lighting With Control4

October 24, 2022

Today, homes are changing as they are becoming smarter. Instead of walking in and turning on the lights, you can simply tell the lights to turn on. Instead of driving home to a dark house, you can have it light up a few moments before you arrive. Control4 is a kind of technology that is revolutionizing the home experience. It is especially apt when it comes to lighting control.

How Does Control4 Affect Lighting Control?

Control4 allows you to control your lighting from a touchscreen or mobile app. It allows you to create ‘scenes’ that can be customized to your preferences. This kind of system integrates the lighting into other systems in the home and can respond with predetermined events that happen simultaneously.  For instance, when it’s time for bed, you might have the stereo come on, set to gentle music and at the same moment have the lights dimmed.

Is Lighting Control Important to You?

If lighting control is important to you, you might consider installing Control4 technology in your residence. It will give you myriad options that you’ll control from the palm of your hand, in the home or remotely. Contact us at Davis Audio& Video today to learn more about Control4 home automation for lighting or to schedule a free consultation.


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