5 Benefits of Home Lighting Control Systems

5 Benefits of Home Lighting Control Systems

April 4, 2019

Being able to customize and control elements of the world around you makes life better. A lighting control system uses several types of technology to let you personalize your home’s illumination profile:

  • Automatic timers
  • Smartphone app interfaces
  • Motion detectors
  • Electronic window-treatment controls
  • Light-dimming systems

What are the benefits of installing a lighting control system in your home?

1. Energy Efficiency

Instead of leaving lights on all day long, you can program specific light fixtures to turn on automatically at just the right time, such as when you get home from work or at sunset. This saves you a lot on your energy bill.

2. Ambience

Being able to control home lighting lets you enhance décor and create the ideal ambience for your mood. Do you have something romantic in mind? Lower lighting or create indirect illumination for an elegant meal.

3. Safety

With motion-activated lighting, you never have to worry about small children bumping into objects if they have to use the bathroom during the night. As soon as the lighting system notices movement, it turns on soft illumination in the hallway, staircase or kitchen.

4. Comfort

Do you hate having to get out of bed to turn off lights when you’re feeling sleepy? One solution is to have an app that controls the lights in your home. Turn light switches on and off with the press of a button, all from the comfort of your bed.

5. Security

Keeping a light or two on is one line of defense against criminals. With programmable lighting controls, window shades close and lights turn on automatically even if you decide to catch a movie or go out for a drink with colleagues.

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