3 Benefits of Acoustic Panels
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3 Benefits of Acoustic Panels

March 3, 2023

acoustic panelsWhen you think of an incredible home entertainment experience, you probably think of things like a great surround sound system and a big screen TV or projector and screen. But, there are many unsung heroes of an exceptional home entertainment experience, such as acoustic panels. Surround sound is more than just loud sound coming from all around you – it is the right volume and quality of sound, coming from the right directions, to produce an immersive entertainment experience.  Although they may not be the most exciting part of your home theater or media room, they can take the quality of your surround sound to the next level. Below, we take a closer look at just how acoustic panels are an essential component of a professionally-installed surround sound system and how they dramatically elevate the quality of your home entertainment experience.


3 Benefits of Acoustic Panels

  • Absorb Sound
    • A surround sound entertainment experience can get noisy but that doesn’t mean the entire house has to feel like it is in a movie theater. Although it is not the primary purpose of acoustic paneling, it does absorb noise and help reduce noise pollution in the rest of your home. So crank up the surround sound and lose yourself in a late-night movie without worrying that you will wake up the kids, thanks to acoustic paneling.
  • Reduce Ambient Noise
    • It is hard to have an immersive home entertainment experience when you can hear the blender going in the kitchen or hear the kids playing in the playroom. Strategically designed and installed acoustic paneling will reduce ambient noise so that you can focus on simply enjoying the high-quality surround sound in your home theater or media room.
  • Reduce Sound Resonance
    • Sound resonance is what happens when sound reverberates off of hard surfaces in a room. It creates echoes and diminishes the quality of surround sound but acoustic paneling helps dampen the reverberation, improving sound quality so that you hear your surround sound exactly as it was designed and recorded to be heard.



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