A Perfect Match: Voice Control and Smart Home Automation
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A Perfect Match: Voice Control and Smart Home Automation

May 2, 2017

Highland Park, IL Residents Deserve the Ultimate in Convenience

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that smart home automation is all about convenience. From one-touch controls of all your connected devices, to components that function automatically, smart technology is the perfect lifestyle upgrade. But what if there were an even more convenient way to command all of your home’s technology? Over the past few years, voice control has begun to dominate the industry, becoming the primary interface for many home automation systems. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can take advantage of a voice control system in your Highland Park, IL property.


Defining Voice Control Automation

So what exactly is voice control automation? It’s the ability to command your devices simply by speaking to them. Of course, it’s not as simple as telling your coffee maker to brew a cup for you – you need the right technology to make it work. Within the last few years, Amazon revolutionized voice control with their Alexa interface. Alexa is capable of understanding words and phrases in most languages and accents. Since its introduction, Alexa has skyrocketed in popularity and today most major smart home manufacturers sport compatibility with it.

More recently, Google has jumped onboard the voice control train with their Google Home product. Similar to Alexa, Home offers the ability to control connected devices just by saying a few words, and it uses the internet to help it understand what you’re saying.

How it Works

The voice control interface integrates with most smart home manufacturing systems, allowing you the same level of compatibility. Alexa allows you to download different apps to “teach” it new commands. Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate app for your smart home system, you can begin controlling it.

But why connect your Alexa to a smart home system? Wouldn’t you get the same level of control if you integrate your Alexa directly with simple, DIY devices like Sonos wireless speakers and NEST thermostat? The simple answer is no: while you’d be able to control those devices, you wouldn’t have the same level of convenience that a smart home provides.

A smart home is a system that allows each device to speak to the others so you don’t have to command everything when you want something done. For instance, control over your lights is fun and convenient. However, controlling your lights and shades with the same command is a lot more convenient. If your home is truly smart, you should affect multiple devices with a single button or word, and it should take care of the rest.

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